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What are the stages of Personality Development according to Freud? (5)
Describe the Oral stage of personality development.
-birth-18 mon
-goal is immediate gratification of needs
-trust is formed when there is fulfillment of basic needs
Describe the Anal stage of personality development.
-18 mon-3 yo
-gaining indep and control
-focus is on TT
Describe the Phallic stage in personality development.
-3 yo-6 yo
-superego imerges
-development of the Oedipus complex
-focus is on genitals and sexual identity
Describe the Latency stage in personality development.
-6 yo-12 yo
-interest is on group activities
-preference is for same-sex friends
Describe the Genital stage in personality development.
-13 yo- 20 yo
-focus is on relationships with the opposite sex
-genuine pleasure is derived from relationsips
Define temperament
the inborn personality characteristics that guide an individual in their reaction to the environment
What is a personality disorder?
when personality traits are inflexible and maladaptive and cause severe impairment to functioning
Describe the Id as a structure of personality.
-"pleasure principle"
-present at birth
-behaviors are impulsive and can be irrational
Describe the Ego as a structure of personality.
-"reality principle"
-the rational self
-develops at 4-6 months
-functions as a meditor with the Id and Superego
Describe the Superego as a structure of personality.
-"perfection principle"
-develops at 3-6 years old
-forms from the values and morals displayed by the caregiver
-2 parts: ego-ideal and conscience
-important to the socialization of the individual
-moral warrior
How does the ego-ideal in the superego develop?
-the consistent rewarding of good behavior boosts the self-esteem.
-the good behavior becomes a part of the value system
How does the conscience in the superego develop?
-formed when the child is punished for bad behavior
-morals are based on feedback from parents
What is meant by the topography of the mind?
The arrangement of all the contents in the mind and its operations, these are categorized into 1 of 3 areas
-the "drive" of the psychoanalytic theory
What are the categories in the Topography of the Mind?
What is transference as it relates to the psychoanalytical theory?
an unconscious emotional reastion to a current situation that is based on previous experiences
What are the goals of psycholanalysis?
-bring unconscious to conscious
-analyze and work on past experiences
-gain insight into unconscious conflict
-improve mental health
List the theories/models
-Psychosocial Devel.-Erikson
-Nursing Model-Peplau
-Cognitive/Behavioral-Ellis & Beck
What are the 8 stages in Erikson's Psychosocial Development?
-Trust vs Mistrust
-Autonomy vs Shame and Doubt
-Intiative vs Guilt
-Industry vs Inferiority
-Indentity vs Role Confusion
-Intimacy vs Isolation
-Generavity vs Stagnation
-Ego Integrity vs Despair
What are the 4 concepts of the Interpersonal Theory?
-Satisfaction of needs
-Interpersonal security
What are the stages of personality development in Sullivan's theory?
-Early Adolescence
-Late Adolescence
Good me, Bad me, and Not Me are components of what theory?
Self Esteem in Sullivan's Interpersonal Theory