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T or F: anorexia and bulimia are more prevalent in industrialized societies where there is an overabundance of food
Body mass index less than what number represents anorexia nervosa
What % of anorexics are female
More than 90%
How do anorexics accomplish weight loss
-Reduction in total food intake
-exclusion of highly caloric foods
-extremely restricted diet
-purging via vomiting or laxatives and diuretics
-excessive exercise
T or F: as weight continues to decline, anorexic pts' fear of becoming fat may increase, as do feelings of being overweight
Self-esteem in pts with anorexia nervosa is overly dependent on what factors
body shape and weight
T or F: most pts with anorexia have food related obsessions and frequently hoard food
What clinical signs account for anorexia
-sig hypotension, esp orthostatic
-skin dryness
-peripheral edema
-salivary gland hypertrophy esp parotid gland
-dental enamel erosion
T or F: amenorrhea may precede the onset of diminished weight and menarche may be delayed
Does induced vomiting cause metabolic acidosis or alkalosis
Metabolic alkalosis
Does Laxative abuse cause metabolic acidosis or alkalosis
Metabolic acidosis
What medical conditions cause serious weight loss, but do not produce distorted body image
T or F: Anorexic individuals seldom seek professional assistance on their own
When anorexics do complain, what do they complain about
Somatic or psychological distress such as cold intolerance, muscle weakness, or loss of stamina, constipation, abd pain, and mental depression
T or F: it is advisable for clinicians to obtain info from family members of the anorexic inds
Pts with this disease may require acute intensive medical intervention to correct fluid and electrolyte imbalances, cardiac problems, and organ failure
Anorexia nervosa
What should be a central goal in treating anorexia nervosa
Weight restoration
How are inpatients encouraged to consume more calories
By earning specific privileges such as increased activity, decreased supervision, visits from relatives
Outside of a structured behaviorally oriented program, is there a drug that can induce an anorexic pt to eat and gain weight
This eating disorder is associated with the habit of binge eating
T or F: enormous overlap exists be/ anorexia and bulimia
Does a previous hx or concurrent dx of anorexia exclude the dx of bulimia?
Purging one's food is a required criterion of this disorder
This drug has demonstrated efficacy in this disorder by making more serotonin available at the synapse
Of the people who suffer from bulimia, how many of them are female
In bulimia, what is by far the most widely used compensatory behavior to control weight
Are laxative, enemas and diuretics used more or less frequently than vomiting to control weight
T or F: bulimics plan binges around important daily activities such as work and school
Purging may produce what type of enzymatic/electrolyte abnormalities
-Increased serum amylase
What is considered a superior form of tx for bulimia
Group psychotherapy
What type of antidepressants are used for tx bulimia
Every class - TCAs, MAOIs, SSRIs
GI bleeding
dental caries
loss of dental enamel from lingual surfaces of incisors muscle fatigue
general malaise
cardiac tachyarrhythmias
are complications of this disease
In bulimics, frequently noted physical sign is the chipmunk appearance of the face, caused by marked hypertrophy of ___
Salivary glands
Abrasions, calluses, or scars on the back of the hand used to manually induce vomiting is known as ____ sign
T or F: medical complications are more common in pts with the purging type of bulimia
What disorders are most frequently associated with binge-eating disorder
-Major depression
-panic disorder
-borderline personality disorder