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Heightened arousal such as tensions, tachycardia, tachypnea, tremor, and apprehension are symptoms of this disorder
T or F: symptoms of anxiety occur either w/o obvious external threat or when the response to the threat is excessive
There is a theory that panic attacks are a result of a misperception of suffocation, referred to as ___ ___ ___
false suffocation response
Pts with this disorder display strong sensitivity to, and misinterpretation of, physical sensations; mild physical symptoms are misinterpreted as dangerous
Panic disorder
This disorder is characterized by recurring, spontaneous, unexpected anxiety attacks with rapid onset and short duration. Pts are likely to fear that they are experiencing a heart attack or a stroke.
Panic disorder
Panic attack symptoms cling to maximum severity within how many minutes, but can peak within a few seconds
What are typical symptoms of panic attacks
-chest discomfort
A minimum of how many symptoms is required to meet the diagnosis of a panic attack
Symptoms of a panic attack most commonly diminish within how many minutes
T or F: People who experience a panic attack will usually NOT seek help
False: WILL seek help
Will panic disorder progress or diminish if diagnosis is not made and treatment not started
Extensive phobic avoidance is referred to as ____
T or F: panic disorder can occur without any significant agoraphobia
T or F: Most people with panic disorder find that particular situations stimulate panic and therefore they avoid these situations
In panic disorders, a short course of a low dosage of this class of drugs may facilitate behavioral treatment
What therapy is the treatment of choice for panic disorder
Behavioral or cognitive-behavioral therapy
What TCA is used for treating panic disorders and is the standard against against which other drugs are compaired
Which MAOI reduces the frequency and intensity of panic attacks and has an antianxiety and antiphobic effect
This drug's use is limited by its side effects and safety problems. Hypertensive rxns can occur when the pt's diet has a high tyramine content
What 2 SSRIs have been effective in treating panic disorder
These SSRIs have supplanted other antidepressants and benzodiazepines in the treatment of panic disorder
This class of drug tx should be reserved for pts who require pharmacopherapy and who have failed on antidepressant treatment
T or F: emotional trauma accompanying experiences such as riding in a car or speaking in public may produce a phobia
Typical specific phobias include:
How do most people deal with phobias
They avoid the feared stimulus
People with this phobia fear that they will act in an embarrassing or humiliating manner
List 3 common social phobic situations
-speaking in public
-eating in public
-performing publicly
What type of treatment is typically used for phobic disorders
What drugs are commonly used to reduce anxiety in pts with phobic disorder
What drugs have been used to reduce the autonomic hyperarousal and tremor in pts with phobic disorder
beta blockers - propranolol
Pts with GAD (generalized anxiety disorder) have a high rate of comorbidity with what other mood disorder
Major depression
This syndrome has a persisting anxiety and worry that is associated with inhibited or dependent personality characteristics
General neurotic syndrome
T or F: General neurotic syndrome can occur in the absence of major life events
This disorder is a syndrome of persistent worry coupled with symptoms of hyperarousal
Are pts with GAD more likely to present in a general medical setting or a psychiatrist's office
General medical setting
GAD often responds well to treatment with these drugs
OCD, panic disorder, somatoform disorder, psychotic disorders, especially paranoid subtypes, eating disorders and many personality disorders are associated with persistent fear or apprehension that can be confused with this disorder
Why do most pts with GAD do not get appropriate treatment
because insurance coverage tends to discriminate against the treatment
Do benzodiazepines cure GAD
These drugs should not be used alone to treat GAD, but can be helpful adjuncts
These drugs can be used to reduce sx of GAD and to return the pt to normal functioning. After a few weeks, these drugs should be
reduced and eventually discontinued
Is true abuse of benzodiazepines common or uncommon
Can pts on benzos develop psychological and/or physiologic dependence
Physiologic dependence of benzos becomes a problem when the drugs are used continuously for how long
3 months
Adverse effects such as daytime sedation, ataxia, accident proneness, and memory problems may be due to the use of what drugs
What anxiolytic is an alternative to benzos
What are the advantages of buspirone to benzos
-no motor, memory, or concentration impairment
-no abuse potential
-does not cause dependency or withdrawal
Buspirone requires what period of time to mitigate anxiety
at least 3 weeks
This heterocyclic antidepressant has demonstrated significant benefit in the treatment of GAD, but with delayed therapeutic effects
This TCA has shown sig benefit in the tx of GAD, with delayed therapeutic effects