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Thoughts, feelings, experiences easily remembered is known as ___.
Thoughts, feelings, and experiences that have been forgotten but can easily be brought to consciousness is known as ___.
preconscious (subconscious)
Thoughts, feelings, and experiences that are below the surface of awareness, but have an effect on us is known as ___.
According to Freud, drives, instant gratification (pleasure principle) is known as ___.
According to Freud, reality is known as ___.
According to Freud, moral behavior and societal rules is known as ___.
Defense mechanism: An attempt to screen or ignore unacceptable realities by refusing to acknowledge them.
Defense mechanism: The transferring or discharging of emotional reactions from one object or person to another object or person.
Defense mechanism: A mechanism by which an emotional response that normally would accompany an uncomfortable or painful incident is evaded by the use of rational explanations that remove from the incident any personal significance and feelings.
Defense mechanism: Not acknowledging the significance of one's behavior.
Defense mechanism: A process in which blame is attached to others or the environment for unacceptable desires, thoughts, shortcomings, and mistakes.
Defense mechanism: Justification of certain behaviors by faulty logic and ascription of motives that are socially acceptable but did not in fact inspire the behavior.
Defense mechanism: Resorting to an earlier more comfortable level of functioning that is characteristically less demanding and responsible.
Defense mechanism: An unconscious mechanism by which threatening thoughts, feelings, and desires are kept from becoming conscious; the repressed material is denied entry into consciousness.
Defense mechanism: Displacement of energy associated with more primitive sexual or aggressive drives into socially acceptable activities.
Defense mechanisms operate on ___ level.
Who focused on the importance of interpersonal interaction and the nurse-patient relationship in helping individuals improve health?
Hildegard Peplau
___ Theory focuses on how gender roles in society affect psychological development of both men and women.
3 individuals associated with social interpersonal theories?
1. Harry Stack Sullivan
2. Abraham Maslow
3. Hildegard Peplau
2 social interpersonal theories?
1. Crisis theory
2. Feminist theory
___ theories focus on the effects of interpersonal and social relationships and what is observable.
social interpersonal
___ theories focus on individual, internal constructs/forces of "pscyhe" and unconscious motivation.
___ theories focus on a person's actions, not thoughts and feelings, not unconscious motivation.
___ theories focus on how people think and interpret events, what they believe. Focus on how thinking about things is causing a person psychological distress rather than how events or interpersonal relationships have influenced them.
___ theories focus on biological causes of mental health and illness. Effect of neurochemistry, genes, structural abnormalities.
___ are personal controlling beliefs that influence the way people process data about themselves and others.
cognitive schemas
Cognitive schemas contribute to the development of Beck's ___.
cognitive triad
Cognitive triad includes?
1. a view of the self as inadequate
2. a negative misinterpretation of current experiences
3. a negative view of the future
Individual who is associated with cognitive theory?
Aaron Beck
Baker Act ___ holds patient for 72 hours so physician can assess whether or not further treatment is needed.
Baker Act ___ can be initiated to bring the patient into the hospital by police, physician, LCSW, licensed PhD, or Masters Psychiatric Nurse.
___ is initiated by family/friends from Probate Court. Patient must meet criteria and is ordered to the hospital for psychiatric evaluation for 72 hours. If continued stay is needed a BA ___ is initiated or voluntary.
exparte order; 52
___ is a court ordered evaluation/treatment for acute or chronic alcohol or drug problem. Must meet criteria and is ordered to the hospital for evaluation for ___ days. If continued stay is needed, petition is filed with the court for a hearing.
Marchman Act; 5
Refer patient to ___ or ___ if patient wants to discuss discharge or legal status.
social worker; psychiatrist
With ___, an involuntary patient can request immediate release from the hospital. The social worker is responsible for seeing that this is received in Probate Court on the day that it is signed by the patient. An immediate decision is made by the judge as to the release of the patient.
Writ of Habeas Corpus
New law allows court-ordered outpatient treatment for individuals with untreated severe mental illness refers to?
Baker Act Reform
Client's unconscious displacement of feelings for significant people in the past on to the nurse in the current relationship is called?
The nurse's emotional reaction to the client based on significant relationships in the nurse's past is called?
counter transference
3 medications used to prevent violent behavior?
1. IM Haldol
2. IM Ativan
3. IM Geodon