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standard or belief
self control
the degree to which one us able to regulate their behavior
delayed gratification
voluntarily postponing an immediate reward in order to complete a task before enjoying it
self respect
having high regard for oneself
self esteem
belief about his or her worth
+/- social environment
quality of the contacts a person has with people whom they interact
social emotional booster/pollutant
what it sounds like
personality is determined by
heredity, environment, attitudes, and behaviors
drugs, gambling, nicotine, exercise, thrill seeking, tv/computer, shopping, workaholism, relationship, perfectionism
breakdown in logical thought process; hallucinations and unusual behavior
when a person's moods vary from happiness to depression and switch abruptly
split personality
more than one personality in one person; not aware of split; caused by some trauma in early life
specific phobia
severe fear of something; go out of your way to avoid it
severe need to stay in routine
post dramatic stress disorder
when something bad happens to you or you witnessed it and then you have trouble due to it; flashbacks can be triggered by the senses
anxiety disorder
worry excessively; built up slowly; heart and blood pressure rise, hyperventilating...
panic attacks
go into panic mode immediately, no building up, same symptoms as anxiety
clinical depression
long lasting feelings of hopelessness, sorrow, and helplessness
can't relate to other people, communication is non existence or poor, put themselves in situations that distance them from others; avoid people and socials
passive aggressive
tend to have an angry tone, sarcasm, get at people in a negative and indirect way that avoids putting themselves out there
stress response
1. alarm- fight or flight; 2. resistance-when you do whatever you are going to; 3. fatigue- going to happen b/c heart pressure and blood pressure rose
two types of stress and what they are
1. eustress- positive outcome; 2. distress-negative outcome
5 things that cause stress (stressors)
1. biological; 2. cognitive (mind/thoughts); 3. personal behavior; 4. environment; 5. life situations
loss/grief process
1. denial; 2. anger; 3. bargaining; 4. depression; 5. acceptance
motivated b/c of depression or to get back at someone; can't get out of a situation they are in life; verbal signs and non formal signs (depression; give away stuff; hurt themselves)