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Summarize the New CDC Rec's for Immunizations - Sep 07
Meningitis. ALL adolescents age 11 to 18 should now be vaccinated...not just those in high-risk groups. More kids are eligible now that there's enough vaccine to go around.
Recommend vaccination any time...not just before school entry.
Who should now get Meningitis Vaccine (Sep 07 CDC)
ALL Adolescents (11-18) SHOULD now be vaccinated; also, no change to CDC rec's for HI risk - 11-12 y/o's, freshman entering HS, and college freshman living in DORMS
For Meningitis Vax, for adolescents, should Hi Risk pts only, or ALL be vax'd
ALL patients, NOT just HI risk
Why the Sep 07 change in CDC Rec's for Meningitis vax ?
More kids are eligible now that there's enough Meningitis vax to go around - ALL 11-18 SHOULD be vax'd, NOT just HI risk
Why is the vax called MCV4?
MCV4 = Meningococcal conjugate vaccine quadrivalent
What is the Brand name for the MCV4 vax now rec for all 11-18 y/o's at earliest opportunity?
Menactra MCV4; meningococcal conjugate vaccine quadravalent
Menactra is now recommended for vaccine any time of year; why is that good?
Menacral can be given any time of year not just at the beginning of school yr; ** HELPs to avoid seasonal PEAK in vax demand
Has the CDC rec for vax with Menactral changed? HI RISK =?
No change in CDC Res (Sep07) for vax/hi risk; hi risk = 11-12 y/o's, unvax HS freshmen and college freshman living in dorms