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Define Memory Theory
Holds that personal identity is based on self consciousness,in particular memories, about one's former experiance.
Name two problems with the Memory Theory.
-We forget many of our experiances
-Our memories are not always accurate
Cause and effect(complete the sentence)
Because you now are remembering the experiance as one that happened to you then it means...
You are self-identical to the person who had that experiance.
What is the problem of Circularity in regards to the Memory theory?
We can't use the concept of memory to explain personal idenity because to have a real memory is to assume that the person is real and to assume a person is real it assumes that the person has real memories
What is "Lockean memory"?
Type of memory essential to personal identity=the memory of long-term explicit events.

-a memory of a unique, personal experience — associates sensations together in the record of that experience. That record constitutes a remembered event
**EXAMPLE**: I may not be able remember many events in my childhood, but I can remember a time when I could remember events in my childhood.