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Phonological Loop Location/Lobe/Stream
Left Ventrolateral PFC. Temporal Lobe. Ventral Stream
Visuo-Spatial Sketch Location/Lobe/Stream
Right Ventrolateral PFC. Parietal Lobe. Dorsal Stream
Central Executive Location/Function
Dorsolateral PFC. Resource allocation of attention/decision making.
1949. Organization of behaviour
Short term memory. Hebb: Reverberating circuit, self-exciting loop of neurons keeps working rep of info accessible. RECENCY.
LTM 2 types
1: Intermediate: temp modification of n. excitability
2: Permanent: rel. perm. restruct. of synapse. (#/size) subj. to modification and deterioration
LTM 2 systems
1: Declarative- symbolic rep. explicit. conscious retrieval
2: Non-declarative- chg in performance. unconscious recollection. Implicit.
LTM Hebb
structural changes in cell that strengthens the connection (plasticity). PRIMACY.
Amnesia 2 types
1: Anterograde- no new declarative memory
2: Retrograde- loss of several backdated years. remote mem. less impaired (hipp indie)
Diachesis (Memory anatomy) of Amnesia
Anterior nucl of Thalamus. Dorsomedial nucl. of Thalamus. Mammilary bodies of hypothal. hippo. amygdala.