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what happens in meiosis 1?
the division of a diploid cell to form haploid cells
prophase 1
dna replicates to form a tetrad, a process called crossing over can occur betweeb the chromatid of homologous chromosomes
metaphase 1
tetrads line up along the midline of the cell in pairs
anaphase 1
the homologous pairs will separate towards the opposie poles
telophase 1
the parent cell will plit into new daughter cells each with one of the homologous chromosomes of the pair
meiosis 2
the 2 haploid cells with separate into 4 haploid cells
propahse 2
preparation for metaphase 2m looks siliar to telophase 1
metaphase 2
each chromosome lines up along the nmidline independently
anaphase 2
tetrads split from each other such that each individual chromosome is pulled toward opposie poles the cell
telopahse 2
the 2 daughter cells split to form 4 haploid gametes