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What are natural opiates?
Morphine, Codeine
What do narcotic analgesics do?
Bind to opiate receptors in the brain to alter perceptaion of and response to pain
What are semisynthetic analgesics?
Heroin hydrocodone, hydromorphone, meperedine, oxycodone
What are some nursing considerations regarding narcotic analgesics?
They lower respirations, can cause nausea or vomiting, are constipatine, check level of consciousness and itchiness
What are the synthetic narcotic analgesics?
Fentanyl, methadone, darvon, talwin
Diaphoresis and flushing may occur with which drugs?
Narcotic analgesics
What is duramorph and what is it used for?
Morphine sulfate - epidurals
If a patient is on a narcotic analgesic and the respirations are too depressed, what can counteract this?
What is hydrocodone?
management of moderate to severe pain
generalized cns depression - addictive
What is another name for meperedine?
What's another name for oxycodone with acetaminophen?
What's another name for hydromorphone?
What's another name for Darvon?
What's another name for DUragesic?
Fentanyl transdermal system
What is methadone
Suppresses withdrawal symptoms in opioid detox
What are side effects of methadone?
Respiratory depression, bradycardia constipation, nausea vomiting, blurred vision