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What is a crepitus
Air leaks into tissues from a chest tube site
If you have severe pleural effusion, what may develop?
Air trapping may cause what?
Barrel chest
Crackles are what kind of sound?
What is tidaling?
In the water seal chamber - shows that tube is intact
What kind of sound is high pitched violins?
What kind of sound is crowing?
Coarse crackles sounds like what?
Moist bubbling
Fine crackles sounds like what?
Velcro being torn apart
A pleural friction rub sounds like what?
leather rubbing together
What is the whats up technique?
Where is it? How does it feel? Aggravating factors? Timing? Severity? Useful data? Patient perception of problem
What does pursed lip breathing do?
Carbon dioxide excretion
What position will help increase O2 saturation with lung dise3ase
Side lying with good lung dependent
How often should a transtracheal catheter be cleaned?
2-3 times a day