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The pt with leukemia may also have decreased RBC. This is called
The leukemia pt may experience 4 symptoms:
Fatigue, weakness, weight loss, shortness of breath
If you have decreased platelets, what are the most likely symptoms?
Petechiae, ecchymoses, mouth bleeding
What is the term for decreased platelets?
What is polychthemia?
Excessive red blood cells. Blood becomes thick like sludge
Without treatment, what can polycthemia cause?
thrombosis, hemorrhage
What is the medical abbreviation for polycthemia
PV (Polycthemia vera)
What are the skin manifestations of hematogenic shock?
Pale, cool, cyanotic
What are the LOC signs of hematogenic shock?
Orthostatic hypotension, disorientation
What are the VS in hematogenic shock?
Decrease BP
inc Pulse rate
What cells are low in color?
What is the normal hgb value for women? Men?
Women - 12 - 16
Men- 14 - 16 ?
What are unusually large cells called?
What is a low leukocyte count called?
What does leukopenia mean?
The pt has a dec number of WBC and cannot fight off infection