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What is a mild anemia hemoglobin?
10 - 14 g/dl
What is a moderate anemia hemoglobin
6-10 g/dl
What is a severe anemia hemoglobin?
< 6 g/dl
What is pernicious anemia caused by?
Lack of intrinsic factor
What does folic acid do?
Aids in production of Heme and DNA
What is the most common nutrient deficiency
Iron deficiency anemia
What blood values are subnormal with anemia?
Hemoglobin and hematocrit
What does the patient with pernicious anemia need?
B12 for life
What is aplastic anemia?
Bone marrow fatty and doesn't produce RBCs. Results in pancytopenia
What happens when the platelets drop below 20,000?
THe pt is on bleeding precautions
What is a sickle cell crisis?
The sickling cannot be reversed by returning O2 level to normal
What is a diagnostic test for sickle cell?
What is Polycthemia
Overabundance of RBC
Treatment of Polycthemia Vera
What's DIC
Disseminated intravascular coagulation - causes hemorrhaging