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What can become any kind of cell?
Stem cell
What when fragmented becomes platelets?
What may become cells that produce antibodies?
If a pt has just gotten blood what do you watch for
Fever, back pain, respiratory distress, crackles, hives
Lymph is returned to the blood in what?
Subclavian veins
What is a normal hemoglobin value?
12 to 18g/100 ml
What labg value is monitored for a client receiving heparin?
What blood product replaces missing clotting factors?
What gauge needle would you use for a blood transfusion?
If your pt is recieving blood and complains of chest and back pain what do you do?
Stop transfusion
What is most important before a bone marrow biopsy?
Administer analgesic
Where is prothrombin produced
The clotting time for a pt on warfarin should be what?
1.5 to two times normal values
What should be the number of circulating RBCs?
4.1 to 6.0 Million per mm
What should the value of Hematocrit be?
38-48 %