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Increased conduction time causes what?
Heart rate slows, unable to increase quicily
Decreased cardiac output causes what?
Decreased oxygen delivered to tissues
Decreased blood vessel elasticity causes what?
Increased blood pressure increases cardiac workload
Irregular heartbeats cause what
Poor heart oxygenation, decreased cartiac output, heart failure
What does dialation of the leg veins cause?
Varisoce veins, fluid acumulation in tissues
What does BMR slowing cause?
Possible weight gain
What does decreased saliva cause?
Dried mouth, altered taste
What does decreased gag reflex cause?
Inc risk of aspiration
What does delayed gastric emptying cause?
Reduced appetite
What does reduced liver enzymes cause?
Reduced drug metabolism
What does kidney size decrease cause?
Able to live with 10 percent renal function
What does decreased bladder size and change from pear to funnel shape bladder cause?
Inc frequency of urination
What does decreased concentrating ability cause
What does less sodium saved cause?
Risk for dehydration
What does dec immunological function cause?
Greater risk of infection and cancer
What does reduced cell replacement cause?
Healing slower
does water loss cause
Dryness of the skin
What does increased pigmentation cause?
Age spots
WHat does thinning skin cause?
Fragile skin
What does dec skin elasticity cause?
What does muscle responses slowed cause?
Response time increased
What does joint stiffening cause?
Decreased flexibility
What does vertebral disk water loss cause?
Dec height
What does dec brain blood flow cause?
Short term memory loss
What does decreased sensation cause?
Risk for injury, burns
What does decreased sensation cause?
Risk for injury, burns
What does reduced lung tissue tone cause?
Shallow faster respirations
What does reduced lung emptying on exhalation cause?
C02 re3tention
What does decreased fluid and ciliary action cause?
Mucous obstruction, infection risk
What does less elastic lens cause?
Decreased near and peripheral vision
What does lens opaque and yellowing cause?
What does translucent cornea cause?
Blurry vision
What does decreased pupil cause?
Decreased dark adaption
What does arcus senilus (Milky lipid ring on iris edge) cause?
No effect on vision
What does decreased erection and slower ejaculation cause
Painful intercourse
What does less vaginal lubrication cause
Increased vaginal infection risk