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dont expect anything
Suspend you preconceptions
dont be anxious for any results
dont strain
dont force anything or make grand exaggerated efforts
the effort should be relaxed and steady
dont cling to anything and dont reject anything
Dont fight what you experience just observe it all mindfully
let go
loosen up pand relax
accept everything that arrises
accept your feelings, even the ones yhou wish you did not have.
Be gentle with yourself
Be kind to yourself. You may not be perfect but you are all youve got o work with.
dont rush
There is no hurry.
Investigate yorself
Question everything. Take nothing for granted.
Subject all statements to the actual test of your own experience.
View all problems as challenges
look upon negates that arise as opportunities to learn and grow.
Dont ponder
You dont need to figure anything out
Dont dwell upon contrasts
notice the similarities not the differences