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The archaic Greek development of humanism, a lasting feature of western civilization, was
a valuing of uniqueness, rights, and talents of individuals
Some of the 'lost knowledge' of the Green and Arab world came into the Latin west through
The recapture of southern italy from the byzantines, and Sicily and Toledo from the Muslims
The decline of the Roman Empire resulted in the development of linguistic zones of
Romance, Germanic, and Slavic languages
What changes transformed later medieval military technology?
the crossbow with metal tipped arrows and firearm
The continued growth of trade and manufacturing after 1200 was due to
the growth of urban areas in the Latin West
Transportation in Western Asia was revolutionized in the later Bronze age by the introduction of the
What 'architectural wonder' first made its appearance in France on or about the year 1140 CE
gothic cathedrals
Most sub Saharan languages come from one giant linguistic family called
In general, which of the following did not occur during Europe's transformation at the decline of Roman authority?
The city of Rome lost its prominence as the seat of the roman church
Which of the following is not true about the Crusades?
The Crusades were successful
The importance of the monsoon was that
it facilitated sailing across the Indian Ocean
Some followers of Buddhism took vows of
celibacy, non violence, and poverty
The persian provinces were administered by
satraps or hereditary provincial governors
Despite the fact that conversions to Islam were at their peak, Abbasid power declined because of the
empire's becoming too big to rule effectively
How did the Byzantines differ from their western counterparts?
They continued the pattern of Roman Rule
Scholars feel that early domestication of animals provided all of the following except
Early Greek cultural unity can best be explained by
extensive contacts and commerce between kingdoms.
What are the names of the two sects of Islam that resulted from the division of the Muslim community?
Sunni and Shi'a
Which of the following is not associrated with the rise of the mounted warrior as the paramount force on the battle field?
a poor peasantry and serfdom
Southeast Asia first rose to prominence because
it was an intermediary in regional trade
The growth of settled agricultural communities resulted in
trade and craft specialization
The introduction of maize to the Andean region
increased food supplies, allowing for greater urbanization
After the 7th century, Byzantine women
won increased rights to property and inheritance
Which statement is true about Roman women?
They exercised influence over husbands & sons
Which of the following were not practices connected with monasticism?
Living in society to spread good influence and performing sacraments
In Europe's later Middle Ages, the rapid growth of industry resulted in environmental changes, which of the following was not among them?
the extinction of many animal species
Which of the following was not occurring in Europe by the year 1200
Muslim invaders were making serious inroads into western europe
What scandinavian raiders built kingdoms in Iceland, Greenland, and Vinland?
The three field system was
an agricultural method
The term investiture controversy refers to the
struggle for control of ecclesiastical appointments
A feudum, or fief, was
a grant of land exchanged for Military service
which of the following is not responsible for the success of many cities in Italy and Flanders?
They controlled extensive agricultural lands
The Renaissance began in
northern Italy
Which of the following was not a social result of the Black Death epidemic?
a call for democracy
The modern university, as a degree granting corporation, was first established in
the Latin West
Which of the following is not one of the ways that medieval noblewomen participated in feudal society?
They could choose their own marriage partners
By the time it subsided, the Black Death killed
one out of three Western Europeans
The primary centers for agricultural production were
self sufficient farming estates known as manors
Which of the following is not true of most guilds?
Most guilds promoted equality for men and women.
Which of the following does not describe the Divine Comedy
It was written in Latin like most literature of the time
What official role did the Catholic Church play in the persecution of jews in Medieval Europe
It played no official role in the persecution, as the Chruch was officially the protector of Jews
In addition to agriculture, a fundamental resource of China was
human labor
Spain and Portugal's reconquest of Iberia was at the expense of
Muslim rule
As a result of the Crusades, Europeans were exposed to all of the following except
Access to a variety of classical Latin works, particularly those of Artistotle, heretofore unknown in Western Europe
In return for the use of their lord's land, serfs
had to give the lord a share of the harvest and perform services
In Kievan Russia, power derived from
Which of the following statements about the Magna Carta is not true?
It gave new rights to the peasants
In Europe's later Middle Ages women were considered to be
inferior to men
Egypt became aggressive to Nubia during the Middle and New kingdom periods because
it sought to control Nubian gold mines
A guild was
An association of craft specialists from the same trade.