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Actions:Blocks histamine receptors, some sedative effects
Ind:Anaphylaxsis,Allergic reactions, Dystonic reactions due to phenthiazines
Cont:Asthma, Nursing,
Pre: Hypotension
SE:Sedation,dries bronchial secr. Blurred vision, HA, Palpitations.
Dose:25-50 mg Slow IVP, Deep IM
Ped: 2-5 mg/kg
Fentanyl Citrate
Act:CNS Depressant,Decreases sensitivity to pain.
Ind:Severe pain,Adjunct to RSI and RSS. Maintenence of analgesia.
Cont:Shock, Severe hemm. UnDx Abd pain. Hx of Hypersens to the drug.
Pre:Resp depress.(Have Narcan Available)Hypotens,Nausea.
SE:Dizziness, Altered LOC, Brad.
Dose:25-100ug IV
Ped:2-12 years 1.7-3.3ug/kg
Class:Potent Diuretic
Act:Inhibits reabsorption of sodium chloride,promotes prompt diuresis,vasodilation
Ind:CHF, Pulm Edema
Pre:Should be protected from light,Dehydration
Dose:40-80mg IV
Ipratropium Bromide
Act:Bronchodilator,dries resp tract secretions
Ind:Bronchial Asthma, Reversible bronchospasm with chronic bronchitis and emphysema.
Cont:avoid use in pt with hx of Hypersensitivity to drug.
avoid use as primary acute tx of bronchospasm.
Pre:Monitor Vitals
Dose:500mg placed in small vol neb.(typically admin c a B agonist)Inhaled
Peds:safety not determined.
Class:Dissociative Anasthesia
Actions:Dissociative Anesthesia. In addition, ketamine causes sedation, immobility, analgesia, and amnesia; responsiveness to pain is lost. Induction is rapid, and the pt begins to emerge after 10-15 minutes.
Ind:Sedation for assisting with endotracheal intubation (RSI)Anesthetic agent for short term medical procedures.
Cont:1. HTN
2. Increased ICP
3. CHF
4. Thyrotoxicosis
5. Children <6 months
6. Pulmonary Infections
Pre:Impaired hepatic function. Chemically incompatible with barbiturates. Pharyngeal and laryngeal reflexes are usually active ketamine should not be used alone for any procedure that might stimulate these areas (intubation).
SE:Delirium, tremors, increased ICP, hallucinations (psychological reactions least likely in children <15 and seniors >65), resp. depression (minor, rare and transient), laryngospasm, hypertension
Dose:2.0mg/kg IV
Peds:0.5-4mg/kg IV 1-2mg/kgIM
Class:Sympathetic Blocker
Actions:Selectively blocks a1 recept. and nonselectivly blocks B receptors.
Ind:hypertensive Crisis
Cont:Bronchial Asthma,CHF,Heart block,Brady,Cardiogenic shock.
Pre:BP,P,ECG must be constantly monitored.
SE:Brad,HB,CHF,Bronchospasm,Postaural Hypotension
Dose:20mg slow IV infusion over 2min, Doses of 40 mg can be repeated in 10min until desired supine BP is obtained or until 300mg of the drug has been given.
Peds:safety in peds undetermined.
Magnesium Sulfate
Class:Anticonvulsant, Antiarrhythmic
Act:CNS depressant, Anticonvulsant, Antiarrhythmic
Cardiovascular-Severe refractory V-fib or pulseless V tach, Post MI as prophylaxsis for arrythmias, and torsades
Cont:Shock, HB
Pre:Caution in pts reciving digitalis, Hypotens, CaChl should be available as antidote should resp depress ensues. Caution in renal fail.
SE:Flushing, Resp Depress, Drowsiness.
Dose:1-4g IVorIM
Ped:Not indicated
Class:Osmotic diuretic
Act:Decreases cellular edema, Increases Urinary output
Ind:Acute Cerebral Edema, Blood Transfusion reactions.
Cont:Pulm Edema, Dehydration, Hypersensitivity to the drug.
Pre:Rapid Admin can cause circ overload. Crystalization can occur at lower temps.
SE:Pulm Congestion, Sodioum depletion, Transient vol overload.
Dose:1.5-2.0g/kg IV bolus or infusion
Peds:0.25-0.5g/kg over 60min
Act:CNS Depressant, decreases sensitivity to pain.
Ind:Moderate to severe pain
Cont:Pt's rcving MAO inhibitors, Undiagnosed Abd pain. Pts c hx of Hypersensitivity
Pre:Resp depress. Hypotens, Naus.
SE:Dizziness, Alt LOC
Dose:IV 25-50mg IM 50-100mg
Act:Anti-Inflammatory, surpresses immune response especially in allergic reactions.
Ind:Severe Anaphylaxis, Asthma and COPD, possible adjunct in mgmt of spinal cord injuries.
Cont:None in emergent settings.
Pre:Must be reconstituted and used promptly
Onset maybe 2-6 hrs not a good use in first hour of anaphylactic reaction
SE:GI bleed, Prolonged Wound Healing, Surpression of natural steroids.
Dose: Gen use-125-250mg IV or IM
Spinal:Initial bolus of 30mg/kg admin over 15min, followed by maint infus of 5.4 mg/kg/hr
Act:Hynotic sedative
Ind:Premed before cardioversion, Acute anxiety states, RSI
Cont:Pts with a history of hypersensitivity to drug. Narrow angle glaucoma, shock.
Pre:Emerg Resucitative equip must be available. Flumazenil should be available. Dilute c NACL of D5W prior to IV admin
Resp depress more common with midaz.
SE:Drowsiness, Hypotens, Amnesia, Resp depress, Apnea
Dose:1.0-2.5mg IV
Act:CNS Deppressant, Causes peripheral vasodilation. Decreases sensitivity to pain.
Ind:Severe Pain, Pulm Edema
Cont:Head Injury, Vol Depletion, UnDx Abd Pain. Hx of Hypersensitivity.
Pre:Resp depress. Hypotens, Naus.
SE:Dizziness, Alt LOC
Dose:IV,2-5mg foll by 2mg every few minutes prn or until resp depress.
Nitrous Oxide
Act:CNS depress
Ind:Pain of musculoskeletal orgin, burns, Fx, Susp Ischemic CP, Severe anxiety,
Cont:Pts who cant follow verbal commands, Intoxicated pts, THI c Alt LOC. COPD
thoracic inj. susp Pneumo, Abd pain sugg of obstruction.
Pre: Use in well ventilated area
Dose:Self Admin inhaled
Peds:self admin only
Pancuronium Bromide
Class:NMBA non depol
Act:skeletal musc relaxant/paralyser incl. resp
Ind:To achieve paralysis to facilitate Intubation
Cont:Pts with known Hypersens
Pre:Paralysis occurs within 3-5min and lasts 60min
SE:prolonged paralysis, Hypotension, Bradycardia
Dose:0.04-0.1mg/kg; rpt doses of 0.01-0.02mg/kgIV as req q 20-40 min IV
Act:Inhibits spread of seizure activity thru motor cortex.
Ind:Major motor seizures, status epilepticus, Arrhythmias due to digitalis toxicity.
Cont:Any Arrhythmia except those due to digitalis toxicity. High Grade HB, Pts c known Hypersens.
Pre:should not be admin with glucose solutions. Hypotens.
ECG monitor during admin is essential
SE:local venous irritation, itching, CNS depress.
Dosage: Status epil. 150-250mg(10-15mg/kg) not to exceed 50mg/min
Digitalis tox=100mg over 5min until arrhythmia is surpressed or until max dose of 1000mg or CNS depress occurs. IV diluted c NACL
Peds:Stat Ep=8-10mg/kg IV
Dig tox=3-5mg/kg IV over 100min