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Capable of, Having ability to, as in viable.
-ac, -al
Pertaining to, as in cardiac.
Painful condition, as in neuralgia.
-an, -ian
Pertaining to, as in circadium.
Having the characteristics of, as in malignant.
-asis, -asia, -esis, -osis
Condition or state of, as in homeostasis.
Weakness, as in myasthenia.
Process, Action, Condition, as in inspiration.
To create, Build up, as in osteoblast.
-cel, -cele
Swelling, an enlarged space or cavity, as in meningocele.
Puncture, Usually for drainage, as in amniocentesis.
-cide, -cis
Cut, Kill, Destroy, as in germicide.
Destory, Break down, as in osteoclast.
-ectasis, - ectasis
Stretching, Dilation, as in atelectasis.
-ectomize, -ectomy
Excision or removal of, as in appendectomy.
Swelling, Distention, as in emphysema.
Condition of blood, as in uremia.
Condition, Process, as in hemopoiesis.
Sensation, Feeling, as in anesthesia.
Carry, as in efferent arterioles.
Shape, as in fungiform.
Agent that produces or originates, as in cardiogenic.
Record, as in electrocardiogram.
Instrument for reconding, as in eletroencephalograph.
State, Condition, as in myopia.
-iatrics, -iatry
Medical practice specialty, as in geriatrics.
Person associated with, as in optician.
Art of, Science of, as in optics.
Sweating, as in uridosis.
Sweating, as in uridosis.
Inactive form, as in fibrinogen, pepsinogen.
Action, Condition resulting from action, as in incision.
Condition, State, as in rheumatism.
One who practices, as on podiatrist.
Inflammation, as in dermatits.
Relating to, as in sedative.
The study or scince of, as in histology.
-lyso, -lysis
Dissolution, Loosening, Destruction, as in hemolysis.
Softening, as in osteomalacia.
Enlarged, as in cardiomegaly.
Resembling, as in spheroid.
Specialist, as in endocrinologist.
Tumor, as in fibroma.
Pertaining to, as in sensory.
Full of, as in adipose.
Condition, Disease, as in osteoporosis.
Create an opening, as in colostomy.
Surgical incision, as in tracheotomy.
Disease, as in neuropathy.
Deficiency, as in leukopenia.
-phobe, -phobia
Fear of, Aversion to, as in hydrophobia.
-plasia, -plasty
Development, Formation, as in rhinoplasty.
-plegia, -plexy
Stroke, Paralysis, as in apoplexy.
To breathe, as in apnea.
Production, as in hemopoiesis,
Falling, Sagging, as in blepharoptosis.
Bursting forth, abnormal discharge, as in hemorrhage.
Flow, Discharge, as in diarrhea.
Instrument, as in bronchoscope.
Creation of a mouth or artifical opening, as in tracheostomy.
Pertaining to, as in diagnostic.
Cutting into, Incision into, as in frontal lobotomy.
Crushing, as in lithotripsy.
State relating to nutrition or growth, as in hypertrophy.
Turning toward, Influencing, Changing, as in thyrotropic hormone.
Urine, as in polyuria.