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Accident and Emergency or Casualty
Anaesthetics - Anaesthetist
Branch of Medicine concerned with relief of pain and life support measures during surgery.
Cardiology - Cardiologist
Patients suffering from Cardiovas disease referred to Cardiologist
Dermatology - Dermatologist
Diseases of the skin, most patients treat on OP basis. Bx - removal of sm sample of living tissue for diagnosis
Ear Nose and Throat (ENT)
Children - Grommets Removal of Tonsils / Adenoids
Adults - Nasal Polyps Ear and Sinus Infections Tumours
Supported by Audiologist (for hearing tests) and Speech Therapists also
Endocrinology - Endocrinologist
Endocrine System - Hormonal - Thyroid - Diabetes
Gastroenteritis - Gastroenterologist
Stomach and duodenal ulcers, gallstones IBS Coeliac Disease etc.
Genetics - Geneticist
Specility study of genes - inherited diseases such as cystic fibrosis, Huntingdon's etc.
Genitourinary Medicine (GUM)
STD's Bladder Urinary probs, prostate, reproductive. Patients attend without a GP referral
Gynaecology - Gynaecologist
womens reprod organs and diseases - minor surgery, miscarriages, terminations or complications of pregnancy
Obstetrics - Obstetrician
Concerned with Childbirth
Neurology - Neurologist
Brain Spinal Cord and Nervous System - Diseases such as MS, Parkinsons
Ophthalmology - Opthalmologist
Speciality of Eyes. Also Orthoptist - expert in eye exercises etc
Oral Surgery
Oral Maxillofacial Surgery Unit. ext of teech, impacted wisdom teeth, jaw surgery. Attached to surgery orthodontist for prevention and correction of irreg in teeth
Bones joints muscles and nerves. hip repl, trauma. Orthotic Service (surgical appliances) physios etc.