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What are anesthetics?
They block the sensation of pain
exp: Novocain
What is antifungals?
Clear up fungal infections
exp: Pedi-Dry
What are antihistamines?
Inhibits inflammatory conditions, redness, and itchiness
exp: Benadryl
What are Antiseptics?
A typically applied. They inhibit growth of bacteria preventing infections
exp: Hydrogen Peroxide
What is Corticosteroid-Anti-Inflammatories?
Decrease inflammtory conditions, helps to control itching and suppresses the immune system.
Exp: Cortaid
What are keratolytics?
Destroy and soften the outer layer of skin
Exp: Retin-A
What are Parasiticides?
Kill insect parocites
Exp: Kwell
What are Protectives?
Cover, cool, dry and soothe inflammed skin
Exp: Neutrogena Hand Cream
What are Antihistamines?
Relieves nasal congestion
Exp: Claritin
What are Antitussives?
Relieves coughing
Exp: Vicks Formula 44
What are Bronchodilators?
Widen the passage of bronchus
Exp: Albuterol
What are Corticosteroids?
Treats chronic lung diseases and suppresses the immune system
Exp: Vanceril
What are Decongestants?
Decreases mucus membrane swelling to aleviate nasal stoughiness
Exp: Afrin
What are Expectorants?
Reduce the thick mucus and septum membranes in your tract.
Exp: Robitussin
What are Antibiotics?
Kills infections
Exp: Cipro
What are Antidiuretics?
Reduce the amount of excretion of urine.
Exp: Pressy
What are Antispasmodics?
Decrease the spasms occuring in the urethra and bladder.
Exp: Ditropan
What is a Diuretic?
Promotes the excretion of urine.
Exp: Lasix
What are Potassium Supplements?
Are percribed in addition to the diuretic.
Exp: K-Tab