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Pronunication of dys
DIS Dystrophy
Pronunication of Ps
s Pseudo
Pronunciation of Ch
k Chemical
Pronunication of Rh
R Rheumatoid
Pronunication of Ph
F Pharmacy
Pronunication of Pn
N Pneumonia
Words ending in X change to
a, c or g

ex. pharynx=pharyngeal
Pronunication of Pt
T Ptosis - dropping
Pronunication of x
Z Xerox or Xiphoid
Define Root word
Fundemental unit of each medical word that gives basic meaning to the word
Define Prefix
a short word part added BEFORE a root that changes the meaning
Pronunication of gn
n gnaw
Suffixes beginning with rh change to
double r
Pronunication of eu
u Euphoria
Define Suffix
short word part added to the END of a root that changes it meaning