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E: megal-
A: my gal
VI: See my gal as the most enlarged gal in the world!
M: enlarged
E: arthr-
A: art
VI: See the art picture with joint all over it!
M: joint
E: dermat-
A: door mat
VI: See the door mat made of skin!
M: skin
E: -ology
A: hollow cheese
VI: See the hollow cheese with people making a study of it!
M: study of
E: angi-
VISUAL IMAGE: See the angel with blood vessels all over her!
MEANING: vessels (usually blood)
E: -osis
A: Oh sis
VI: See "Oh sis!"holding the air conditioner!
M: any condition, or a condition
E: enter-
A: enter(sign)
VI: See the enter sign made of intestines!
M: intestines (usually small)
E: -itis
A: I Test!
VI: See the teacher saying, "I Test!" as she stands in flames!
M: inflammation
E: cerebr-
A: zebra
VI: See the zebra with a brain for a head!
M: brain
E: hepat-
A: he pat
VI: See the man as he pats the liver!
M: liver
E: gastr-
A: gas truck
VI: See the gas truck with a stomach for a tank!
M: stomach
E: -oma
A: "Oh ma!"
VI: See the children saying,"Oh ma!,two more!"
M: tumor

VISUAL IMAGE: See a den with glands growing on the wall!
MEANING: gland
E: gingiv-
A: gingerbread(man)
VI: See the gingerbread man with gum stuck to him!
M: gum
E: ectomy
A: exit tommy
VI: See the exit tommy is surgically removing!
M: surgical removal of all or part of
E: -ologist
A: hollow chest
VI: See the man with the hollow chest for books: he is a specialist!
M: a specialist in the study of
E: cardi-
A: card
VI: See the people playing cards with real live hearts!
M: heart
E: -otomy
A: Oh tommy!
VI: See tommys mother saying, "Oh Tommy,you cut into the wall!"
M: cut into or incision into
E: blephar
A: blue fur
VI: See the lady wearing a blue fur with eyelids all over it!
M: eyelid
E: nephr-
A: nephew
VI: See the nephew, the kid on the knee!
M: kidney
E: plast-
A: plastic(cement)
VI: See the tube of plastic cement with the surgeon coming out to repair something!
M: surgical repair or plastic repair
E: -malacia
A: my late show(TV)
VI: See the TV set(my late show) It is very soft!
M: soft
E: rhin-
A: rhinoceros
VI: See the rhinoceros with the human nose growing on it!
M: nose
E: path-
A: path
VI: See the path with daisies growing on it!
M: disease
E: spasm
A: spaceman
VI: See the spaceman being forced to sign the involuntary contract!
M: involuntary contraction