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The nursing history provides information to assist the nurse primarily in
A. diagnosing a medical problem.
B. investigating patient’s symptoms.
C. classifying subjective and objective data.
D. supporting identification of nursing diagnoses.
supporting identification of nursing diagnoses.
The nurse would place information that the patient revealed about his concern that his illness is threatening his job security in which of the following functional health patterns?
A. role–relationship
B. cognitive–perceptual
C. coping–stress tolerance
D. health perception–health management
To examine the skin of a patient who has a full-thickness burn, the nurse primarily uses the technique of
A. inspection.
B. palpation.
C. percussion.
D. auscultation
The piece of examination equipment that is used during auscultation is a/an
A. stethoscope.
B. blood pressure cuff.
C. watch with a second hand.
D. ophthalmoscope/otoscope.
A branching examination is performed when
A. the patient denies a health problem.
B. a baseline health maintenance examination is required.
C. a specific problem is identified during physical examination.
D. the medical diagnosis directs attention to a specific problem area.
a specific problem is identified during physical examination.
After performing a screening history and physical, the first information the nurse records is the
A. general survey.
B. health history.
C. patient symptoms.
D. abnormal findings
health history.