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What are the 4 pathogenic mechamisms used to invade the respiratory tract?
1. bacterial adherence factors
2. extracellular toxins
3. intraceulluar growth in host tissue
4. evade host defense mechanisms
What are the org. that can cause the COMMON COLD? (mostly viruses)
Rhinoviruses, Myxoviruses,
Coronoviruses, Echoviruses,
Adenoviuses, Coxsackie A & B,
2 bacteria: Mycoplasma pneum and Chl pneumoniae
What org can cause Pharnygitis?
**Strept. pyogenes** (bact)
HSV, Coxsackievirus, Adenovirus, Diptheria (bact)
What org can cause Otitis Media?
S. pneumonia,H. Influenzae, M. catarralis (bact)
RSV, Rhinovirus
What org can cause Croup?
Parainfluenza viruses, RSV
What org can cause Bronchitis?
Parainfluenza viruses, RSV, Flu.
(bact)=Myco pneum and C. pneumonia
What org can cause Bronchiolitis?
What org can cause Otitis Externa?
P. aeruginosa
What org can cause Eppiglotitis?
H. influenzae
What org can cause sinusitis?
S. pneumoniae, H. influenza, Morax catarrhalis
Which type of organism comprise of our normal flora?
S/S of Pharyngitis or known as Strep Throat
sore throat, pain when swallowing, fever, enlarged lymph nodes in back, runny nose & drip, H/A (rarely - difficultly of breathing