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Characteristics of Strep
*Means twisted
*Facultative anaerobes
*Catalase negative
*Nonspore forming
Alpha Hemolysis
Partial Destruction of RBCs, green to brown color
Beta Hemolysis
RBCs Lysed, clear colorless.
What group is Strep Pyogenes in? agalactiae?
Group A, Group B.
Alpha, Beta, Gamma Hemolytic?
Strep Pneumonia: Aplha Hemolytic

Virulence Factors of Strep Pyogenes
*M Protein - prevents phagocytosis
*Hyaluronidase - Digest connective tissue
*Streptokinase - Dissolves fibrin clots
Infections from Strep Pyogenes (Piece Of...)
Piece of shit infinit coupe
*Pharyngitis, tonsilitis
*Otitis Media
*scarlet Fever

** Post strep sequelae
*Rheumatic fever (damage to heart muscles)
*Acute Glomerulonephritis
Virulence factors of Strep agalactiae (Group B)
Produces polysaccharide capsules with 5 major antigen types
Infections of Strep agalactiae
*UTI infections in elderly
*Post-surgical gynecological infection
*Frequent colonizer of genital tract
*Leading cause of meningitis, septicemia and pneumonia in new born. Mother is screened for during 3rd trimester
Virulence factors of Strep pneumoniae
*Pneumolysin - Toxic to pulmonary cells
Infections of Strep Pneumoniae
(Obese P...)
Obese Pussy May Stink
*Normal flora of upper respiratory tract
*Otitis Media in Kids
*Community acquired pneumonia
*Normal Flora
*Cause endocarditis
Infections of Enterococcus
*Normal Flora of Intestines
*Wound infections
Treatment for Strep
Penicillin --> Vancomycin
Treatment for Entercocci
Penicillin + Aminoglycoside
--> Vancomycin --> Synercid