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What are the Ribosome sizes for Prokaryotes?
70S Dissociate into 50s and 30s
What are the Ribosome sizes for Eukaryotes?
80S Dissociate into 60s and 40s
Characteristics of Gram Positive Cell Wall
1. Thick peptidoglycan layer
2. Teichoic and lipoteichoic acid
3. Multiple Murein layers that prevent the crystal violet from leaving when alcohol is added
Characteristic of Gram Negative Cell Wall
Two layers - inner thin peptidoglycan
2. Outer membrane contains lipopolysaccharide *Makes more virulent
Gram Stain Reagents
*Crystal Violet + attracted to - bacteria
*Iodine: mordant
*Alcohol: Decolorizer; removes dye from only gram neg because gram pos have multiple murein layers.
*Safranin - Counterstain
*Acid-fast bacteria don't stain well due to waxy and high lipid content in cell wall
Enters vegetative state when environment favors growth (germination)
*Only some gram pos bactera form these
*One of most important virulent factors
*Made of polysaccharides
*Covers cell and shields it from immune and phagocytosis
Atmosphere (anaerobes)
*Obligate Aerobes - Require O2
*Obligate Anaerobes - will not grow in O2
*Facultative anaerobe - With or w/out O2
*Capnophilic - Better in CO2 rich
Psychrophiles - 15C
Mesophiles - 30-35C
Thermophiles - 50-60C
*LAG - Undected growth
*LOG/Exponential - Constant, maximal growth
*Stationary phase - Dying = Dividing
Death or Decline - more cells dying