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Characteristics of Staph (8)
*Means bunches of grapes
*Gram positive Cocci in "grape like" clusters
*Found in normal flora of skin, mucous membranes, feces, GI tract, Mouth
*32 species/subspecies
*Facultative anerobe
*Tolerates High Salt Conditions
*Nonmotile (can't move)
Staph Aureus (Virulence Factors) Chaz loves every loose P he hits
Most important Staph. 'Golden'
Virulence Factors:
*Coagulase - Protein that clots plasma and can prevent phagocytosis
*Leukocidin - exotoxin that kills neutrophils
*Entertoxins - (responsible for symptoms) Nausea, vomiting,
*Lipases - Hydrolyzes lipids and allows spreading
*Hyaluronidase - dissolves intercellular matrix of tissues
*Protein A - prevents phagocytosis
*Hemolysins - Alpha and Delta kill RBCs, Monocytes, platlets
Staph Aurues Conditions
(Some Fine...)
1. Skin Infections (pimples, impetigo, pyoderma)
2. Food Poisoning (Milk products, usually from hands of the handlers)
3. Toxic Shock Syndrome
4. Pneumonia
5. Osteomyelitis - (inflammation of bone)
6. Gastroenteritis (food poisoning)
Staph epidermidis (EPI)
Low Virulence
Inhabits skin of most people
*Prosthetic infections
*IV site infections - sepsis
Staph Saprophyticus
UTI, Sexually active women. Affinity for epithelium of urethra or bladder
Coagulase Indentifcation test
If positive for coagulase, staph aureus is present
Methicillin resistant staph aureus.

Vancomycin is drug of choice

Penicillin --> Methicillin --> Vancomycin ---> Dead