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Koch's Postulates
*Microorganism must be present in every case of infection
*Microorganism can be isolated in pure culture
*Inoculation of pure culture into animals produces a similar disease
*Same species must be recovered from diseased animal

***Problems: Viruses cannot be culutured, human diseases don't always infect animals.
Microogranism capable of causing an infectious disease
Primary Pathogen
A microorganism that regularly causes infection and disease when it enters a non-immune host. ie Anthrax, Gonorrhea, Leprosy
Opportunistic Pathogen
Microorganism that doesn't cause disease in healthy humans but may when a host who was a compromised defense.
Invasion and multiplication of microorganisms in a host. A disease process may or may not be present. May cause immune response. Symptoms may be subclinical
Commensal or Colonization
An organism living in or on a host where neither derives benefit or harm
Both derive mutual benefit
Parasite benefits at expense of the host
The degree of pathogenicity and extent to which a microorganism can cause damage to the infected host. ie capsules
Host that does not exhibit symptoms because of either inherited traits or the organism is in the latent phase.
Endogenous source of Disease Transmission
Breaks in natural barriers(trauma,surgery,IV,catheters)
Exogenous source of Disease Transmission
Inhalation, Ingestion, direct contact,fomites (inanimate objects)