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aden itis
inflammation of a gland
aden oma
tumor of a gland
aden o pathy
disease condition of a gland
an emia
without blood
arthr itis
inflammation of the joints
auto psy
viewing with a microscope
to view self
bio logy
study of life
bi opsy
viewing life under a microscope
carcin oma
cancerous tumer
card iac
pertaining to heart
cardi o logy
study of the heart
cephal ic
pertaining to the head
cerebr al
pertaining to the largest part of the brain
cyst itis
inflammation of the urinary bladder of cyst
cyst o scopy
visual examination of urinary bladder with instrument
cyt o logy
study of cells
dermat itis
inflammation of the skin
dermat o logy
study of skin
dia gnos is
state of complete knowledg
elect o cardi o gram
record of recording electricy in the heart
electr o encephal o gram
record on recording electricy in the brain
end o crine glands
glands that secrete in the blood stream
end o crino logy
study of glands within
end o scope
viewing with an instrument
end o scopy
viewing with an endoscope
enter itis
inflammation of intestines
enter o pathy
condition of intestines
epi dermis
above the skin
epi gastric
above the stomach
erythr o cyte
red cells
ex cis ion
the process of cutting in
exo crine glands
glands that secrete out
gastrec tomy
excision of the stomach
gastr ic
pertaining to the stomach
gasto enter o logy
condition of stomach and intestines
gastr o tomy
cutting into the stomach
gynec o logy
study of women
gynecolo gist
specialist of women
hemat o logy
study of blood
hamat oma
mass of blood
hem o globin
protein in the blood
hepat itis
inflammation of the liver
hepat oma
tumer of the liver
hyper glycemia
pertaining to excessive sugar
hypo derm ic
pertaining to below the skin
hypo derm ic
pertaining to below the skin
hypo gastric
below the stomach
hypo glycemia
low sugar
iatr o genic
pertaining to treatment
in cis ion
the process of cutting in
leuk emia
blood condition of white cells
leuk o cyte
white cells
( helps fight disease )
leuk o cyt osis
condition of white cells
( usually abnorman )
nephrec tomy
removal of kidney
nephr itis
inflammation of kidneys
opthalm o gist
specialist of eyes
onc o logy
study of tumors
oncol o gist
specialist of tumors
neur o logy
study of nerves
neur o log ical
pertaining to nerves
neur algia
pain with nerves
pertaining to nerves
nephr osis
condition of kidney
( usually abnormal )
nephr o logy
study of kidneys
oste its
inflammation of bone
opthalmo scope
instrument for viewing the eye
osteo arthr itis
inflammation of joints and bones
osteo tomy
process of cutting bone
patho genic
pertaining to disease
patholo gist
specialist of disease
study of disease
ped iatric
pertaing to child
perri card ium
pertaining to around the heart
pro gnos is
pertaining to knowledge before
psychi a trist
specialisto of the mind
psych iatry
study of the mind
psycho logy
study of the mind
radi o logy
study of x-rays
ren al
pertaining to the liver
re section
to cut back
retro cardiac
pertaining to behind the heart
rhin itis
inflammation of the nose
sarc oma
tumor on the skin
sub hepat ic
pertaining to below the liver
thromb o cyte
cells clotting
pertaining to through the liver (across)
ur o logy
study of the urinary tract