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enteral vs. parenteral routes of drug administration?
enteral involved drugs that get directly into GI tract and get absorbed
parenteral- skip GI, such as SC IV and IM
What is a major complication of acute/chronic alcohol consumption outside of liver disease?

With alcohol hepatitis, which liver enzymes are elevated 3? What is greater than what?
increased hepatic transaminases
AST > ALT by 2X
Increased billirubin
Why is alcohol use dangerous in the setting of hepatitis C virus?
this infection accelerates the disease progression to cirrhosis
WHat is a consequence of using viagra while abusing inhalants like NO?
Insanse vasodilation leading to hypotensive crisises.
What is the major medical complications associated with Amphetamine/cocaine abuse (stimulants) outside of respiratory issues?
They cause alpha and beta adrenergic storms. Tachycardia, HPT, hemorrhagic stroke, MI (coronary artery vasoconstriction), and dilated cardiomyopathy.
What are the major medical concerns with phenobarbital (barbituates) abuse?
Respiratory depression

normally, used as a sedative/hypnotic but has a narrow window to work.
WHat intoxication do you suspect when the patient is getting violent and very angry in the ED?
PCP phencyclidine
What two toxicities result from ecstasy (MDMA) and related compound overdoses?
hepatic toxicity and hyperthermia
What has local heroin been laced with to show about the problems with no drug Q/C?
What is the major microbe found in Injection Drug Users (IDUs)?
staph aureus
What is the #1 risk factor for acquiring HEP C?
Injection drug use
What is the most severe, life threatening complication of injection drug use?
endocarditis; valve is literally eaten away by Staph aureus/other microbe,

also see endovascular infections that cause infected veins/clots