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Medisoft automatically applies a pay to the most recent charge transactions.
2. Payments can be applied to more than one charge.
3. When a zero appears in the Unapplied Amount box in the Apply Payment to Charges tab, the payment has not yet been applied to a patient's transactions.
4. When an RA includes multiple patients, it is more efficient to enter insurance carrier payment in the Transaction Entry dialog box than the Deposit List dialog box.
5. I is not necessary to enter decimal points when keying whole dollar amounts in medisoft.
6. Capitation payments are applied to patient accounts in the Deposit dialog box.
7. In the Statement Management dialog box, the guarantor is listed instead of the patient.
8. A minimum dollar amount can be specified, so that patient statements are not mailed to if balance is below a certain dollar amount.
9. In Medisoft, it is not possible to create and transmit patient statements electronically.
10. Insurance payments that are applied to patient charges in the deposit list dialog box automatically appear in a patient's transaction entry dialog box.
11. The apply payment to charges dialog box contains information about all
-------------charges for patient
12. The choices in the payment method field in the deposit dialog box include cash, credit card, check and -----------------
13. Payment methods that can be selected in the deposit dialog box include check, cash, credit card, or ________
14. The Status column in the statement management dialog box can indicate ready to send, sent, or __________.
15. The type column in the statement management dialog box can contain either standard or ____________.
16. In this type of billing system, patient statements are created and sent on a staggered basis rather than all at once ____________.
17. Information needed to enter an insurance carrier payment is typically found on a ________________.
Remittance Advice or EOB
18. To designate an insurance carrier's payment as a capitation payment, a selection must be made on the _____________ field in the deposit dialog box.
payor type
19. The show all deposits feature is used to list all deposits entered in the deposit list dialog box as well as deposits entered in the ___________ dialog box.
Transaction Entry
20. The ________ button in the deposit list dialog box provides detailed information about a specific deposit.
21. A (n) ___________ deposit is entered to adjust accounts of patients covered by a capitated plan.
EOB only
22. The __________ dialog box is used to apply a payment to a specific charge.
Apply Payment/ Adjustments to charges
23. The ________ buttons are used to search for a specific deposit entry.
24. Once a capitation payment has been entered and patient accounts adjusted, patients account balances should be ______.
25. A ____________ lists the amount of money a patient owes, organized by the amount of time the money has been owed, the procedures performed, and the dates the procedures were performed.
patient statement
26. Statements are created using the statement management option on the ________ menu.
27. The _________ dialog box lists statements that have already been created.
statement management
28. The ________ tab in the statement dialog box lists all charges and payments listed on a statement.
29. The report format for a patient statement is selected in the __________ dialog box.
open report
30. Statements that show all charges regardless of whether the insurance has paid on the transactions are referred to as _____________.
Standard Statements.
31. Medisoft provides the option of displaying accounts receivable totals at the end day sheets reports.
32. If data selection boxes are left blank when crating a report in Medisoft, no data will be included in the report.
33. Medisoft comes with a number of custom reports that have already been created.
34. A report can be printed from within the preview report window.
35. In an insurance aging report, the aging begins 30 days after the claim was billed.
36. Patient ledgers can be created for a range of dates.
37. Day sheet reports can be created for a single provider.
38. Reports can be exported to a PDF file.
39. The date from range boxes in the patient day sheet data selection questions dialog box is used to enter the dates on which the transactions were entered in medisoft.
40. Place of Service Range is an option in the data selection questions dialog box for day sheet reports.
41. A patient day sheet report can be filtered by all of the following except
dollar amount
42. Which of the following is not a category on the patient aging applied payment report?
43. A ___________ report lists the financial activity in a patient's account.
patient leger
44. On a procedure day sheet report, procedures are listed in ________ order.
45. In the open report dialog box, reports can be sorted by all styles except
day sheet
46. Medisoft provides three insurance aging reports: primary, secondary and
47. The Practice Totals section of a practice analysis report lists total charges, payments, adjustments, and
48. A patient day sheet report provides information about the charges, payments, and adjustments for a specific day sorted by __________.
49. The report commonly used to generate financial statements and profit analysis is the ___________ report.
Practice Analysis
50. The medisoft feature used to create custom reports is called _______.
Report Designer
51. Insurance aging reports can be printed for primary, __________, and tertiary carriers.
52. Aging reports and _________ reports can be used to locate overdue accounts.
53. If a report is viewed onscreen before being sent to the printer, the reports will appear in the ________ window.
preview report
54. An entry in the ___________ boxes in the data selection questions dialog box for day sheet reports specifies the facility where the service was provided.
Transaction Facility Range
55. To filter a report so that data appears for a range of providers, entries are made in the ________ boxes in the data selection questions dialog box.
Attending Provider Range
56. Entries in an insurance aging reports are listed in alphabetical order by __________.
Insurance Company
57. A type of aging report, the ________ report excludes unapplied payments.
patient aging
58. Medisoft's _________ feature can be used to create custom reports.
Report Designer
59. The patient collection policy begins with a clear financial policy.
60. Collections may be required for overdue patient and insurance accounts.
61. Collections from patients are regulated by federal and state laws.
62. The amount of a finance charge added to a patient account must comply with federal and state laws.
63. Current accounts are those with a balance outstanding for 60 days or less.
64. A Tracer report is created to identify overdue patient accounts in medisoft.
65. Before a collection letter can be created, a tickler must be created.
66. The account alert abbreviation IC stands for In Collections.
67. In Medisoft, overdue accounts are added to the _____________, which tracks collection-related activites.
Collection List
68. The ____________ field inthe Tickler tab specifies the action that will be taken on the overdue account.
Action Required
69. Options in the status field for tickler are Open, Resolved and _________.
70. A report used to keep track of accounts in collections
Collection Tracer Report
71. The Collection List is accessed via the __________ menu in Medisoft.
72. A(n) ______________ is a firm hired to collect on delinquent accounts.
Collection Agency
73. A(n) _____________ is an agreement in which the patient agrees to make regular payment over a period of time.
payment plan
74. The amount owed on an uncollectable account is also know as ____________.
bad debt
75. The ______________ specify the time period within which clean insurance claims must be paid.
prompt payment laws
76. A(n) ___________ is a reminder to follow up on an account.
77. Notes regarding a tickler can be entered in the _______________ tab within the Tickler dialog box.
office note