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An abnormal decrease in the size of a muscle is
The cell from which a muscle develops is
The abbreviation for "right ear" is
An otoscope is used to
Inspect the exterior ear canal
The procedure that s used to puncture the chest to remove fluid is called
Which of the following lab tests would be abnormal for a patient with anemia
Hyperparathyroidism may be treated by which medical specialist
An abnormal increase in total of WBCs is
Extremely rapid breathing is called
Which of the following suffixes refers to pain
A suffix used to denote a surgical repair is
A mammogram is a radiograph of the
The term alopecia is synonymous with
Another term for chewing is
A nevus in th antecubital area is a
Mole on the inside of the elbow
An inflammation of a joint is
Fat makes up
Adispose tissue
The cause of disease is referred to as
The function of the olfactory nerve is
An oophorectomy is a surgical procedure of the
The study of diseases and treatment of the male and female urinary bladder is
A diagnostic procedure that alows for visualization of the urinary bladder is
A patient with hives most likely will report that he or she has
The membrane that surrounds the heart is the
A mucous membrane
Lines body cavities that open to the outside
The ventral region of the body is described as
The body cavity that contains the intestines is the
Movement of a body part toward the midline of the body is
The plane that divides the body into front and back halves is
Reye's syndrome
Can follow a virl illness in children
The vertebrae of the lower back are the
An acute infectious skin disease caused by strep or staph is
The bone located in the posterior of the skull is the
the type of bone fracture in which the bone is bent and partially broken is a
Greenstick fracture
The peripheral nervous system is composed of how many pairs of spinal nerves
The pons and medulla make up the
Brain stem
A failure of bone marrow to produce red blood cells results in which type of anemia
Protrusion of a part of the stomach through the esophageal opening in the diaphragm is a
Hiatal Hernia
The tympanic membrane is the
The largest srtery in the body is the
The SA node
Is the pacemaker of the heart
An x-ray taken to confirm a fracture of the distal forearm includes the
Radius and ulna
Which of the following demonstrates an involuntary muscle action
All of the above- (heartbeat, breathing, peristalsis, pupil dilation)
Which of the following organs are located in the RUQ
The diaphragm is stimulated by which nerve
An abnormal lateral curvature of the spine is known as
The alpha cells in the pancreas are responsible for the production of
The surgical removal of the gallbladder is a
The cranial nerve involved in blindness is the
The number of permanent teeth is
Legally, a physician
May refuse to accept a patient if he or she chooses
An itinerary
Is a detailed outline of a trip
Professionalism may best be displayed by
Staying calm when dealing with angry patients
The ability to imagine taking the place of the patient and accepting the patient's behavior is
The patient's medical record belongs to
The physician
A breast mass is found in a woman whose mother and sister have died from breast cancer. She cancels her next three follow-up appointments. Which defense mechanism is she using?
Personality differences are due to
All of the above (age, experience, heredity, environment)
Which is not a characteristic desirable in a medical assistant
Which is not an example of stereotyping
Young children react differently to stressful situations
To release medical information
The patient must sign a release form
Which of the following should be reported to the health department
Which of the following is objective data
Vital signs
Which of the following phone calls should be given immediately to the physician
Another physician
In Maslow's hierarchy of needs, the need to be loved and free from loneliness is a
Social need
If a patient refuses to consent to treatment, the medical assistant should
Delay treatment and inform/consult the physician
An enforceable contract contains
All of the above (an offer, an acceptance, a consideration, a capacity)
The opposite of anterior is
Informed consent should include which of the following elements
All of the above (benefits and risks of the treatment, purpose of treatment, nature of the patient's condition, assessment of the patient's understanding o the treatment)
All of the following are reasons for revoking a physcian's license except
Providing atypical care
The control center of a cell of
Subcutaneous tissue
All of the above (is found under the skin, contains fat, is an injection site, connects the dermis to the muscle surface
Which is not a bone of the lower extremity
The muscle in the upper extremity that is used as an injection site is the
The pacemaker of the heart is the
SA Node
Gas exchange in the lungs takes place in the
The Liver
All of the Above
(makes bile, detoxifies harmful substances, produces heparin, stores glycogen)
The fertilized ova implants into the
Testosterone is produced in the
The largest portion of the brain is the
There are _______pairs of spinal nerves
Gustatory receptors are located in the
Decreases blood sugar level
A decrease in the total number of white blood cells
The abbreviation meaning "immediately" is
The physican is legally obligated to report
All of the Above
(deaths, births, communicable diseases, abuse)
The prefix "brady" denotes
The opposite of superficial is
An authorization in advance to withdraw artifical life support is
An Advance Directive
Unconsciously avoiding the reality of an unpleasant event is
"Tell me more about it" is an example of
An open-ended statement
The study of the cause of disease is
Nonverbal communication may be conveyed by
All of the Above
(touch, eye contact, body position, silence)
Bulimia is
An eating disorder
A cerebral vascular accident can also be called a
Rubeola is
A sexually transmitted disease caused by a protozoal infestation is
An eletrolyte that has an important influence of the activity of the heart muscles is
Which of the following respiratory disorders is characterized by a loss of lung capacity
The type of membrane that lines cavities of the body that open to the outside is
Another name for an open fracture is
Compound Fracture
Which of the following types of scheduling is not a good type of time management?
What piece of mail should be placed on top when sorting the physician's mail?
Envelope marked "personal"
Open punctuation is characterized by
Absence of punctuation after the salutation and a comma after the complimentary close
The federal insurance program that provides for the medically indigent is
The process of transferring an amount from the day sheet to the ledger is
A numeric filing system requires the use of
An alphabetical cross-reference
The file folder label for Jennie Holmes-Mathis should be
Holmes-Mathis, Jennie
Third-party participation in an office indicates the relationship between the physcian
Patient and Insurance company
A claim may be rejected by an insurance comopany because of the omission of
All of the Above
(complete diagnosis, policy number, patient birth date, itemization of charges)
How much postage is required for a first-class letter that weighs 3 oz if the first ounce costs .34C and each additional ounce is .25?
.83 cents
When the word "Confidential" is to be typed on the envelope, it should be placed
Below the Return Address
The most formal of complimentary closings is
Very Truly Yours
When making an appointment, which of the following is not needed?
Insurance Information
This type of call allows more than one person in more than one place to talk simultaneously
Conference Call
This procedure protects against the loss of data:
A tickler file is
Future events arranged in chronological order
All of the following would require a CPT code except
Which of the following characteristics of a receptionist could make an impression on a patient?
All of the Above
(appearance, professionalism, manners, attitude)
A direction to consider addtional codes is
See Also
A "V" code
Refers to factors that influence health status
Mail that is opened accidentally should be
Resealed with tape, and notes as "opened in error"
Which of the following are E/M descriptors?
All of the Above
(physical exam, school physical, well-baby check-up, pre-op physical)
Which is an example of a third-party payer?
In the POMR system, the intial database includes
A numbered list of present problems
A trial balance is a comparison of
Ledger card totals and account-receivable balance
When adding information to the medical record, new notes are added
Newest to the front
Which of the following calls require immediate transfer to the physician?
Another physician
Appointments should be scheduled
In consecutive order without larg gaps
Which is not part of basic information obtained at the patient's first visit?
Standard size paper and envelope for business correspondence is
8 1/2 x 11; no. 10 envelope
Patient's ledger cards should be kept
In a separate ledger file
The bank statement is reconciled with
The Checkbook
The record of the proceedings of a meeting is the
Which of the following protects data from loss?
The scheduling system based on scheduling similar appointments or procedures together is called
Appropriate information to include in a patient information brochure would be
Information about the scope of the practice
A new employee must complete which of the following?
W-4 form
Which of the following abbreviations is not correct?
Patient information that is released without patient's authorization could result in legal charge of
Invasion of privacy
A correctly addressed envelope includes
Omission of all punctuation
Which of the following circumstances would waive the need for a written release of medical records?
A subpoena
In double-entry bookkeeping, the original entry is put onto the
Daily log
The correct way to indicate an enclosure notation is
A superbill provides which of the following?
Insurance Claim
Which of the following is the purpose of records management?
All of the Above
(storage, arranging, accessibility, classifying)
Which coding system is not associated with medical procedures
Which is not an indexing rule?
Initials come after complete names
ICD-9-CM codes that refer to factors that may influence the patient's health status are
The smallest piece of information that the computer can process is a (n)
The index of files on a disk is the
The appointment system of the office should take into account the needs of the
Physcians and Patients
"Dear Mrs. May", is an example of
Mixed punctuation
A master list of equipment inventory includes all of the following except the
Operating Manuals
Which of the following hospital records may be released by the authorization of the attending surgeon only?
Operative Notes
An illness that existed before an insurance policy is written is known as a
Pre-Existing Condition
A patient has not been seen in the office for two years. HIs record would be found in the
Inactive Files
An important consideration when deciding how to position the computer monitor at the reception desk is
Patient Confidentiality
Which group of patients should be escorted to the exam room and given instructions on what they ar to do?
All of the Above
(Children, New patients, established patients, elderly)
Which information is not essential for the surgery scheduler when requesting a surgery date?
Name of Assisting Physcian
The notation "c:Julia Jones, MD" means
A copy of the letter is sent to Dr. Jones
A "History and Physical" usually contains all of the following except
Results of lab tests
Under a manged care plan, the physcian agrees to
Accept predetermined fees
Which type of insurance organization uses the fee-for-services concept?
Which factor is not included when determining the level of service for E and M codes?
Cost of Services
When money is placed in an account, which of the following documents is prepared?
Deposit Slip
The most common color-coding system color codes the
Patient's surname
Who is the legal owner of the information in a patient's medical record?
The patient
Standard precautions are designed to be used for
All patients
Disposable single-use gloves should be worn
When handling specimens, and when performing venipuncture
Normal oral tempature, in degrees, is
98.6 f
Normal respiratory rate for an adult is
14-20 breaths per minute
Vital signs include
Blood Pressure
The pulse rate is
Usually higher in children than adults
Pulse rate is decreased by
All of the Above
(sleep, brain injury, causing increased pressure, hypothyroidism)
A high fever occurs when the body temperature, in degrees, is
103-105 f
The pulse pressure is
The difference between the systolic and dialstolic blood pressure
A patient who weighs 45 kg also weighs how many pounds
A patient who is 72 inches tall is
6 feet
During a physical exam, percussion is most commonly used to examine the
Chest and back
A patient's reaction to stress, use of defense mechanisms, and resources for support would be recorded under
Social History
Subjective findings include
All of the Above
(how the patient feels, information about the patients family, previous pregnancies)
Visual acuity is
Clearness of Vision
The purpose of a proctoscopy is to exame the
A patient in the Sims' position is lying on the
Left side and chest, with right leg flexed
A patient lying flat on the abdomen is in the
Prone Position
The physician uses which of the following to examine the patient's eyes?
The patient should be placed in which of the following positions for examination of the head and neck
For an obstetrics exam, urine is routinely checked for the presence of
Glucose and protein
A patient should be taught that the best time to perform a self-breast exam is about
One week after her period
An infection that has a rapid onset, severe symptoms, and subsides in a short period of time is called
Sterile wrapped items can be safely stored, and considered sterile, for up to
21-28 days
When removing a pack from the autoclave, you notice that the sterilization indicator has not changed color. You should
Unwrap the pack; rewrap the pack; replace the indicator; resterilze
Scrubbing an item with soap and water before sterilization is
The type of immunity that develops from having the disease is
Acquired active
When opening a sterile pack, the top flap should be opened
Away from the body
The finest suture material of the following list is
A type of instrument that is used to grasp or holt tissues or objects is a
Betadine (providone-iodine) should not be used on the skin of a patient who is allergic to
Wound drainage that contains pus is charted as
The angle for the insertion of the needle for an ID injection is
10-15 degrees
A medication that is placed under the tongue is being administered by which technique?
To administer an intramuscular injection, which needle would you use?
1 1/2 ", 21 gauge
A type of drug that increases urinary output is
The physician orders 250 mg amoxicillin IM. The vial reads "500 mg per 1 ml." How much would be given to the patient?
0.5 ml
When a specimen is placed in a centrifuge, a tube of similar size containing liquid of similar weight should be placed
Directly opposite the specimen
Microscopic examination pf a urine sample should be performed
Within 1/2 hour of collection
The absence of uring formation is termed
Normal specific gravity is generally between
A CBC includes
All of the Above
(platelet count, hemoglobin and hematocrit, WBC count)
Capillary blood is usually obtained
From a skin puncture
A cholecystogram is used to view the
Heat application
Dilates blood vessels
The wave on an EKG that represents contraction of the atria is
The pacemaker of the heart is the
Sinoatrial Node
A standard EKG has how many leads?
The standard speed for recording an EKG is
To cauterize a small lesion on the oral mucosa, the physician may use an applicator with
Silver Nitrate
A common lab test that may be ordered for a patient on Coumadin theray is
Pro Time
Which one of the following types of suture material is absorbable?
The minimum number of cells to be counted in a differential blood smear is
A hemoglobin of 10 g/dl is approximately equivalent to a hematocrit of
30 %
Which of the following lab results should be called to the attention of the physician?
Sed rate: 30mm/hr
The stain used to identify bacteria is the
Gram stain
On standing for a long time, a urine sample becomes
A blood sample for serum is collected in which of the following tubes?
Which of the following are categories to classify instruments used in surgery?
All of the above
(probing and dilating, cutting and dissecting, grasping and clamping, retracting)
The first thing that should be done in an emergency situation involving an unconscious person is to
Assess victim's airway
A physical examination of a urine sample includes
All of the above
(odor, color, transpareency, specific gravity)
Most drugs are metabolized in the
The Ishihara test
Tests for color-blindness
Which is not a common symptom of a myocardial infarction?
Hemostats are a type of
The normal ratio for respiration to pulse is
4 to 1
Symptoms of insulin shock include
All of the above
(restless and confusion, cold, clammy skin, profuse sweating, rapid, weak pulse)
Which is the most important route for the elimination of drugs from the body?
Prozac is an example of an
The two most important factors in performing an effective handwash are
Friction and running water
At which age is the first MMR vaccination recommended?
Twelve months
If a patient describes an aura before the onset of a severe headache, this if often a sign of a
A function of hemoglobin is
To carry oxygen and carbon dioxide
A quality assurance program in the lab
Ensures the accuracy of results
The reaction of the PPD test is read
48-72 hours after it is administered
The abbreviation for "both ears" is
The blood type known as the "universal donor" is
A lower GI series is performed to outline the
A technique that provides soft tissue images in three dimension is
CT Scan
Massive and prolonged exposure to radiation can result in
The first group of leads to be recorded on an EKG are
Leads I, II, and III
Streptococci are arranged in
Pulse rate may be increased in all of the following except
Increasing age
The electrode that is used for grounding in an EKG is
Which federal agency oversees the safety of health facilities?
A drug reference contains all of the following information except
Ibuprofen has analgesic and antipyretic properties and is used to treat
All of the above
(pain, arthritis, headache, sysmenorrhea)
Which of the following patient instructions is critical for a successful Holter Monitor recording interpretation?
Keep a written recording of all daily activities
The involuntary muscular ation that moves food along the GI tract is called
The first dose of DTP (DTap) vaccine should be administered at
Two months
A ligament
Connects bone to bone
Tissue samples removed during a biopsy would be sent to which department of the lab?
Which of the following would be least likely to contaminate the sterile field?
Nonsterile person entering the room
An antihistamine that may be used to treat an allergic reaction is
Each of the following abbreviations is correctly defined except
qod-every day
Surgical asepsis should be maintained when performing which of the following?
Needle Biopsy
How often should quality control tests be performed in the lab?
This type of nerve conducts impulses toward the brain
Sweat glands are termed
Sudoriferous glands
An infectious inflammatory skin disease caused by staphylococci and characterized by vesicles that later crust is called
A decrease is bone density may indicate
The largest portion of the brain is the
An impairment of vision due to old age is
An infection of the middle ear may be charted as
Otitis Media
The valve located between the right atrium and left ventricle is the
The medical term for whooping cough is
The region between the lungs that contains the heart, aorta, esophagus, and bronchial tubes is the
Inflammation of the nasal mucosa results in
A disease that is characterized by muscle rigidity, a shuffling gait, and progressive tremors is
Parkinson's disease
Which of the following accessory organs of digestion stores and concentrates bile?
Micturition is a synonym for
Which of the following indicates an aggravation of symptoms?
A woman who has given birth to two or more children may be called
The release of an ovum from the ovary is
Male sterilization is
Which of the following are ways in which pathogens can be spread?
All of the above
(transmission by a vector, person-to-person contact, environmental contact, object-to-person contact)
The "colored" portion of the eye is known as
All of the following are bones of the middle ear except the
The combining form for "bone" is
Slow heartbeat is also called
A temporary absence of respiration is
A collection of blood in the pleural cavity is called a (n)
An endoscopic examination of the rectum is charted as a(n)
The downward projection from the lower edge of the soft palate is the
The combining form "labio" means
The hollow, muscular organ that temporarily stores urine in the
Urinary Bladder
The secretion from an endocrine glad is called a(n)
Progesterone is produced by the
Corpus Luteum
The region between the vagina and anus is termed the
Which of the following is not a part of the axial skeleton?
A wound that barely penetrates the skins is charted as being
A surgical opening into the eardrum to avoid rupture is a(n)
An antipyretic agent works against