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T12 to L1?
Paralysis and loss of feeling below the groin
C8 to T1?
Legs and trunk paralyzed; eyelids droop; loss of sweating on the forehead (Homer's syndrome); arms relatively normal; hands paralyzed
S3 to S5?
loss of bladder and bowel control; numbness in the perieum
C1 to C5?
Paralysis of muscles used for breathing and of all arm and leg muscles; usually fatal
T5 to T8?
Legs and lower trunk paralyzed; loss of feeling below the rib cage
S1 to S2?
Different patterns of leg weakness and numbness
C5 to C6?
Legs paralyzed; slight ability to flex arms
L2 to L5?
Different patterns of leg weakness and numbness.
T2 to T4?
Legs and trunk paralyzed; loss of feeling below the nipples
T9 to T11?
Legs paralyzed; loss of feeling below the umbilicus
C6 to C7?
Paralysis of legs and part of wrists and hands; shoulder movement and elbow bending relatively preserved
Loss of bladder and bowel control can occur with severe injury _____ along the spinal column.