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What do media buyers buy TV spots from?
Designated Marketing Area
What do media buyers buy Radio spots from?
Metropolitan Statistical Area
How many DMA markets are there in U.S.?
Which is bigger, a DMA or a MSA?
What does TSA stand for?
Total Statistical Area
What does BDI stand for?CDI?BOI?
BDI- Brand Development Index
CDI- Category Development Index
BOI- Brand Opportunity Analysis
What are the characteristics of quadrant I?
-both BDI & CDI are one
-any market in quadrant I is a good market to defend
What are the characteristics of quadrant II?
-CDI is high, & BDI is low
-market with most opportunity to gain
What are the characteristics of quadrant III?
-avoid this quadrant altogether
-both BDI & CDI are low
What are the characteristics of quadrant IV?
-CDI & BDI is high
-brand growth has limited growth in this quadrant
What does ACV stand for? What does it mean?
-all commodity volume
- term used for distribution for packaged goods products
When are the four quareters of advertising?
1st- Jan- March (winter)
2nd- April- June (spring)
3rd- July- Sept(summer)
4th- Oct- Dec (fall)
What quater is the most expensive time of year to advertise?
4th quarter- retail season
What days of the week are retail items advertised?
Thurs- Sun
List the characteristics of daytime vs. nighttime advertising.
-consumer products are advertised during the day (more women watch in the day)
-secondary education advertised during the day
-healthcare is advertised during news
What does susceptability mean?
are consumers receptive?
What does flexibility mean?
can changes be made in a timely manner?
What does the rate of advertising mean?
how much does it cost?
What does advertising in waves mean?
should we flight the schedule?
When is the calendar budgeting cycle?
Jan- Dec
When is the fiscal year budgeting cycle?
July- June
What are the four dimensions to setting media communication goals?
List the factors of frequency when is comes to setting media communication goals.
-brand maturity
-brand awareness
-competitiveness of category
-advertising campaign
-type of response
What does "frequency is an average" mean?
-half see it more
-half see it less
What is the recency theory?
buying impressions as close to time as purchase as possible.
What is continuity?
Longer campaign at lower exposure levels
What is impact?
shorter campaign at higher exposure levels
List the characteristics of high frequency level ads.
-new brand
-new/low brand awareness
-extremely competitive category
-new advertising campaign
- short-term promotion
List the characteristics of average(medium) frequency level ads.
-brand is 2-5 years old
-average brand awareness
-some competitive spending but not aggressive
-advertising campaign is in 2nd year
-mix of promotions and brand advertising
List the characteristics of low freqency level ads.
-brand is 5+ years
-strong brand awareness
-brand owns over 50% of market share
-campaign has run over 2 years
-long term brand advertising
List the characterisitics of setting reach goals.
-budget is always a consideration.
-you want to reach as many people as possible
-most companies use 2/3rds- 4/5ths as a benchmark (66-80%)
-it is very very hard to reach over 80%
List the categories of magazines.
-consumer magazines
-trade publications
-farm magazines
What is the geography of magazines?
List consumer magazine advantages.
-high reproduction quality
-highly targeted
-cost efficiency
-longer shelf life
-reader loyalty
-pass along readership
List the disadvantages of consumer magazines.
-ads are easily ignored
-long lead time for creative
-infrequent distribution
-inability to deliver mass audience
-declining circulations
List the business magazine advantages.
-avid readership
-produce direct inqueries
-read where business decisions are made
-no distractions
List the business magazines disadvantages.
-lots of competition
-lack of creativity
List the types of business magazines.
What are TRADE business magazines aimed at? INDUSTRIAL? MANAGEMENT? PROFESSIONAL??
trade- resellers
professional- specific professions (doctors/lawyers)
What are the dimensions of a regular magazine? Large? Pocket?
regular- 8 by 10
large- 9 by 12
pocket- 4 1/2 by 6 1/2
Who is part of the primary circulation?
subscribers and newsstands
What is the secondary circulation?
pass-along readership (readers per copy)
What is paid circulation?
paid is subscriber based
What is controlled circulation?
controlled is qualification based
What are the different types of magazine ad sizes?
-cover posions
-full page
-1/2 page
-1/4 page
-gate folds
-custom magazine
What is the closing date of magazines?
The date that space needs to be reserved.
what is the materials date of magazines?
the date that creative needs to arrive at publications
List the advantages of direct mail.
-targeting capabilities
-controlled timing
-creative flexibility
-inclusion of more information
-exclusivity of message
List the disadvantages of direct mail.
-high cost per exposure
-customer resistance
-delivery problems
-lack of content support
List the types of direct response.
-direct mail/ marriage mail
-direct-response TV (infomercials)
-magazine business reply cards (BRC's)
What are the costs associated with direct mail.
-list or database
-production of direct mail piece
List the characteristics of marriage mail.
-sent through third party carrier
-cheaper than direct mail
-based on geography and quantity
List some examples of direct/marriage mail.
List some examples of telemarketing/
-outbound (business makes contact)
-inbound (consumer makes contact)