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What does CMR stand for?
Competitive Media Reports
What are two competitive tools for competitive analysis?
Competitive Media Reports and Adviews
What is the difference between CMR's and Adviews?
Adviews do not cover international magazines or business-to-business(B2B) publications, but do include free-standing inserts (FSI's)
What do CMR's and Adviews cover?
1. They research more than 1 million brands for 15 different media categories
2. List TV program estimated costs and ratings
3.Lists placement on over 300 Internet sites
4. Lists magazine, outdoor, and radio placement
Who owns CMR's?
Taylor Nelson Sofres
Who owns adviews?
Neilson Market Research
What is share of spending?
The percentage of category SPENDING measured solely in terms of DOLLARS
What is share of voice?
The percentage of category IMPRESSIONS measured solely in terms of EXPOSURE
What is sales to advertising trend lines?
Thats when the investment moves from one medium to another.
Give an example of sales to advertising trend lines?
Hard liquor moves dollars from magazine into cable television.
Name the advantages of outdoor advertising?
1. repetition of message
2. accessibility
3. can carry a directional message
4. cost effiency
5. creative flexibility
Name the disadvantages of outdoor advertising?
1. fleeting message
2. legal restrictions
3. availability
4. visual pollution
5. clutter
What are the different possibilities of outdoor advertising?
1. Bulletins
2. Poster Panels
3. Digital Displays
4. Transit Advertising
Name the different dimensions of bulletin outdoor advertising?
1. 14' by 48'
2. 10'6 by 36'
Name the different dimensions of poster panels outdoor advertising?
1. 30-sheet panels (12' by 25')
2. 8-sheet panels (5' by 11')
Name the different possibilities of transit advertising?
1. posters (inside)
2. transit shelters
3. transit terminals
4. subway
5. taxis
6. buses
7. bus benches
8. mobile billboards
Name 4 things that increase outdoor advertising rates?
1. Best locations (high demand and high traffic)
2. extensions
3. shorter contracts
4. moving locations
Name the 3 different kinds of extensions?
1. MDF Board
2. Lights
3. Attachments
What is the key to buying outdoor?
How do you buy outdoor advertising?
By individual units or by showings.
100 showings (GRP's) is what percentage reach?
How is the price of outdoor advertising measured?
In terms of DEC (daily effective circulation)
How is outdoor advertising usually purchased?
on a monthly basis
Name the advantages of newspaper?
1. credibility
2. geographic relevance
3. timely relevance
4. active medium
5. frequency of message
6. creative flexibility with ad sizes
Name the disadvantages of newspaper.
1. clutter
2. reporduction quality
3. color
4. short shelf life
5. lack of selectivity
6. declining circulations
Name the 3 different types os newspapers.
1. dailies
2. weeklies
3. national
How many times per week do dailies get published? Weeklies?
Dailies- 5 times per week
Weeklies- 1 time per week
name three types of national newspapers.
1. usa today
2. wall street journal
3. the ny times
What are the two formats of newspapers?
1. standard format
2. tabloid format
What is standard format?
6 columns wide by 22 inches tall
What is tabloid format?
5 columns wide by 14 inches tall
What is standard advertising unit (SAU)?
1 column by 1 in
Name the different types of newspaper advertising?
1. display advertising
2. classified adv
3. Inserts
4. public/legal notices
Newspapers are bought in column inches. Name the different kinds of rates to buy newspaper advertising?
1. open rates (no discounts)
2. contract rates
3. discounts
4. combination rate
5. short rate
Name the different kinds of open rates.
Local and National
Name the different kinds of contract rates.
dollar volume and space volume
Name the different kinds of discounts.
1. bulk discount (volume of space)
2. frequency discount (repeating ads)
3. earned rates (accumulating space)
What are combination rates?
purchasing more than one publication
What are short rates?
Penalty for not fulfilling a contract
What increases newspaper costs?
1. size
2. color
3. preferred position
4. split runs