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Describe cognition in middle childhood.
- Appearances become less powerful
- Attention become decentered
- Thinking becomes reversible
- Learning becomes self-regulated & strategic
- Language becomes instrumental for thinking
What are three components of concrete operational thought?
- conservation
- causal reasoning
- number knowledge and skills
What does development of cognition depend upon?
Attention (random --> exhaustive --> systematic)

Memory (meaning, context, rehearsal organisation strategies (e.g. underlining)

Problem solving (mental rules, context
What are three components of social cognition?
- Theory of mind
- Role taking play
- Morality, constraint --> cooperation
What kind of effects does abuse have on the empathy of a toddler?
? slide too small
What is the importance of parents as socialisers?
- Loving caregivers
- Identification figures
- Teach values and discipline
- Provide experience
What factors affect sibling relationships?
- ordinal position
What is the importance of peer relationships?
- Reinforcement
- Modeling
- Social comparison
What is the importance of teacher influence?
- Assign roles
- Style, controlling - envouraging
- Promote esteem - learned helplessness
What is the impact of divorce on children?
Short term impact

Mediating variables
- Child's temperament
- Child's age
- Child's sex
What factors affect physical child abuse?
- The abusing parent
- The abused child
- Context of abuse
What forms of play are there?
Functional play
Constructive play
Pretend play
Games with rules
What are the stages of friendship?
Stage 0 - Momentary playmateship
Stage 1 - one way assistance
Stage 2 - fair weather operation
Stage 3 - intimate, mutually shared relationships
Stage 4 - autonomous, independent friendships
Describe socialisation by television 23-27 hours per week average.
- Aggression
- Stereotypes e.g. racial
- Imitation of suicid
- School performance and learning
- Coercive advertising e.g. tobacco, sugar, fast foods
- Obesity/anorexia nervosa
- Pro social effects