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What are the 3 student roles in PBL?
Chair/discussion leader
Group members
What are the 7 roles of the chair/discussion leader?
Lead & maintain group dynamics
Keep discussion on track
Encourage participation
Time keeping
Claify & summarise
Ask questions
Supervise scribe for accuracy & completeness
What are the 5 roles of a scribe?
Make short notes
Ask clarifying questions
Keep record of resources used
What are the 6 roles of group members?
Come prepared
Share information
Ask questions/participate
Listen & respect contributions of others
Make notes & research all learning tasks
Attend, be punctual
What are the things a tutor will and won't do?
Not a content expert for every case
Will not run a didactic teaching session
Will not give you the tutor's notes
Will create a safe learning environment
Will stimulate student - directed learning
Will intervene to help chair & scribe if necessary
Will give feedback and evaluate the progress of the group
Will help identify learning resources