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dueodenal ulcers are caused by
excessive production or excessive release of gastric juices or the buffering ability is lacking in the stomach
what are the risk factors for duodenal ulcers
h pylori, NSAIDS, smoking, coffee
ulcerations occurs when the
acid secretion exceeds the buffering factors
what is the CM of ulcers
pain is dull, burning, gnawing located in the midline of hte epigastric region
with gastric ulcers pain is closely assocaited with
food intake
duodenal ulcers pain does what
awakens people at night
what are common complaints
nausea, distention, ercutaiton are termed dyspesia
what is the objective data to look for with Du ulcers
when GI bleeding occurs what are some signs
vomiting (hematemesis) coffee grounds

also, melena (tarlike, fetid - smelling sgtool containing undigested blood)
gastric outlet obstruction is a complication of
a peptic ulcer
what is done for relief of a person with gastric outlet obstruction
constant NG aspiration
what is the dx tests for ulcers
fiberoptic endoscopy (esophagogastroduodenoscopy)

also tests for occult blood
what type of diet should the pt with ulcers have
smaller more frequent meals throughout the day
what other things should the pt avoid with ulcers
smoking, coffee, caffenated drinks, alcohol
what surgery is performed for ucers
what is a vagotomy
removal of the vagal innervation to the funds, decreasing acid produced by the parietalcells of the stomach. usually done with the bilroth I and II procedure
what are some complications after surgery for ulcers
dumping syndrome, diarrhea, pernicious anemia
ulcerative colitis and crohns disease occur more often in
women, in the jewish population
ulceratrive colitis is confined to the
mucosa and submucosa of hte colon
the disease usually starts on the
left side of the colon and go to the right
what is the CM of ulcerative colitis
diarrhea - up to 15 - 20 loose stools a day containing pus and blood and mucus
what is a complication of ulcerative colitis
toxic megacolon
toxic megacolon is
toxic dilation of the large bowel
subjective data for ulcerative colitis is
c/o rectal bleeding and abdominal cramps. lethargy, sense of frustration and loss of control
objective data includes
wt loss, abdominal distention, fever, tachycardia, leukocytosis, stool changes
dx test for ulcerative colitis
barium studies
med tx of ulcerative colitis
medication, diet intervention, stress reduction
diet should exclude
milk products, spicy foods
surgical formation of an opening of hte ileum onto the surface of hte abdomen, through fecal matter is emptied