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advanced practice nursing
a specialized nursing practice that includes roles that emphasize health assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of conditions previously considered only within the physician's domain
collecting subjective and objective information about a patient
case management
a method used to coordinate and link health care services to patients and their families
clinical (critical) pathway
a description of practices that directs the entire health care team in the daily care goals for select health care problems; may include a nursing care plan, interventions specific for each day of hospitalization, and a documentation tool
collaborative problems
potential or actual complications of disease or treatment that nurses treat with other health care providers, most frequently physicians
computerized documentation
the use of computers to document patient care
defining characteristics
signs and symptoms, or the clinical cues that, in a cluster, lead to the nursing diagnosis
the last phase of the nursing process in which the nurse determines if identified outcomes have been met and the overall accuracy of the assessment, diagnosis, and implementation phases are evaluated
evidence-based practice
the use of evidence (results from research) to improve quality and outcomes of health care
expected patient outcomes
goals that identify what is desired or expected of the patient as a result of care
managed care
a health care delivery concept that includes joint contributions of various disciplines and the use of case management
nursing diagnosis
the act of identifying and labeling human responses to actual or potential health problems; also is the label or concise statement that describes a clinical judgment about an individual, family, or community response to actual or potential health problems/life processes
nursing implementation
the use of nursing interventions to activate a plan
nursing intervention
any treatment, based upon clinical judgment and knowledge, that a nurse performs to enhance patient outcomes
nursing process
an assertive, problem-solving approach to the identification and treatment of patient problems
the diagnosis and treatment of human responses to actual and potential health problems
consists of setting goals and expected outcomes with the patient and family, when feasible, and determining strategies for accomplishing the goals
standardized nursing languages
readily understood common languages used among nurses to clearly define and evaluate nursing care and to improve communication