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RBC count for women and men
female 4-5
males 4.5-6
HBG count for females and males
female 12-16
male 13.5-18
hct count
female 38-47
male 40-54
iron def anemia symptoms
burning tongue, pallor, inflammation of lips, sore tongue, headache, parenthesis
iron def r/t inadequate production of hgb
problem with globin synthesis
Thalassemia major
blood transfusion to keep hgb at 10, even w/tx still risk for growth failure, hemochromatosis and cardiac failure
cobalamin def anemia symptoms
sore tongue, anorexia, n/v, abd pain, wkness, paresthesia feet/hands, reduced vibratory and position sensations, ataxia, muscle wkness, impaired thought processes
cobalamin tx
administer parentally daily for 2 weeks, then weeky until normal, then monthly for life
folic acid deficiency
symptoms same as cobalamin except neuro, dypepsia, beefy tongue
aplastic anemia
reduced RBC production, all marrow elements are decreased. tx w/bone marrow transplant and immunosuppressive therapy
blood loss sx
20-no sx at rest, tachycardia w/activity adn slight postural hypotension
30-normal supine bp and p @ rest, postural hypotension and tachycardic w/exercise
40-loss bp, cvp, and co below normal at rest, rapid thready pulse, cold clammy skin
sickle cell sx
delayed growth and development, failure to thrive, pain
complications of sickle cell
foot/hand syndrome, ischemic heart leads to CHF, pulmonary hypertension, heart failure, retinal detachment leads to blindness, kidney injury from increased viscosity
glucose 6 phosphate dehyrogenase deficiency
reduction in glucose used by rbcs leading to damage of old rbcs and destruction by hemolysis
increased iron absorption resulting in increased tissue iron deposits
hemachromatosis sx
liver enlargement (cirrhosis), diabetes, skin pigmentation, cardiac changes, arthritis, testicular atrophy
production and presence of increased RBCs impairing blood circulation---viscosity
secondary is compensation
polycythemia sx
htn, headache, vertigo, tinnitus, dizzines, vertigo, angina, CHF,
polycythemia complications
CVA, hemorrhage, pneumonia, heptomegay/cplenomegaly
platelet count
should be 150,000-400,000
<20,000 spontaneous bleeding
idiopathic, immune thrombocytopenia
platelet covered with antibody that is identified as foreign in spleen and destroyed. chronic form is 20-40 yo
thrombotic thrombocytopenia
enhanced agglutination of platelets forming micro-thrombi in arterioles and capillaries---may be from use of estrogen or pregnancy. 20-50 yo
Willebrand Disease
hereditary bleeding disorder more in males, defective coagulation factor
willebrand disease sx
slow persistent bleeding, delayed bleeding from minor wounds, gi bleeding, gastritis, hematuria, subq hematoma, neuro sx, can lead to early death, primarily in children.
willebrand disease tx
administrate clotting factors, rest joint if bleeding in joint
disseminated intravascular coagulation DIC
abnormally initiated and accelerated clotting leading to decrease in clotting factors and platelets-bleeding with no cause
wbc norm 4000-11000 (50-70%), this is 1000-1500-suspicious for bone marrow suppression and reduced immunity
neutropenia tx
identify cause, identify organism causing infection, heatopoietic growth factors administered (neupogen); protective isolation, precautions, monitor for infection
acute mylolytic leukemia
60-70yo, fatigue, wkness, mouth sores, bleeding, fever, infection, sternal tenderness (CBC, hypercellular bone marrow w/myeloblasts)
chronic mylolytic leukemia
25-60yo, no early sx, fatigue, wkness, joint and bone pain, massive splenomegaly, increased sweating (CBC, philadelphia chromosome, low leukocyte count, low alkalin phosphatase)
acute lymphocytic leukemia
hepatosplenomegaly, lymphadenopathy, incrased ICP, headache, fever, pallor, bleeding mouth sores(CBC, hypercellular bone marrow w/lymphoblasts)
chronic lymphocytic leukemia
no usual sx, found on routine exam, chronic fatigue, anorexia, spleno, hepto,megaly, lymphadenopathy. (mild anemia, thrombocytopenia, increased peripheral and bone marrow lymphoblasts
hodgkins lymphoma
15% of all lymphomas, proliferation of abnormal giant multinucleated celss 15-30 and above 50 yos,
hodgkins sx
enlargement of cervical,axillary, or inguinal lymph nodes, nodes are painless and movable except when drink alcohol, wt loss, fatigue, wkness, fever, chills, tachy, night sweats
non hodgkins
variety of malignant neoplasms of the immune system affecting all ages
non hodgkins sx
painless lymph node enlargement, fever, night sweats, wt loss, depends on location
multiple myeloma
plasma cell myeloma, neoplastic plasma cells infiltrate bone marrow and destroy bone