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A small, flat pellet of medication to be taken orally
Small, soluble container, usually made of gelatin, that encloses a dose of oral medicine or viatmin
A small, medicated candy (in a sugar base) intended to be dissolved slowly in the mouth to lubricate and soothe irritated tissue of the throat.
A small plug of medication designed to melt at body temperature within a body cavity other than the mouth (i.e., rectum or vagina)
A highly viscous or semisolid preparation usually containing medicinal substances and intended for external purpposes. Is applied to the skin, mixed with a petroleum or lanolin
A coloring or dyeing substance; An alcohol solution of a non-volatile medicine (Iodine is a tincture). 10-20% drug content is in your mix.
A sweetened aromatic solution of alcohol and water, serving as a vehicle for medicine. Cough medicine. Sweetened 10-20% drug content in the Elixir.
A concentrated solution of sugar in water, often used as a vehicle for medicine. Doesn't typically have alcohol (Robitussin)
Medicated preparation consisting of a liquid suspension (in a water base) or dispersion intended for external application (Lach-hydran)
A liquid preparation rubbed into the skin or gums as a counter-irritant, rubefacient, anodyne, or cleansing agent. External application (BenGay)
A substance such as a drug containing therapeutically active ingredients packaged uner pressure with a gaseous propellant for release as a spray of fine particles. Rapid absorption into the blood stream.
A suspension of small globules of one liquid in a second liquid with which the first will not mix (oil & fat mixed in water, shaken and drank rapidly [like Cod Liver Oil]).
Transdermal Patch
A medicated adhesive pad that is placed on the skin to deliver a time-released dose of medication through the skin into the bloodstream. Placed on hairless, clean dry skin. Wear gloves when handling.
Enteric Coated
Medication dissolved in the intestines
Chemical system that prevents changes in Hydrogen ion concentration; Dissolved in stomach; Affects pH of the stomach.
Marked with lines or grooves/notches, to assist with breaking (if a med is not scored, do not break)
Of, relating to, adjacent to, or in the direction of the cheek
Hypoglossal, beneath the tongue
Those which, after being received into the body in small doses, often repeated, are not immediately eliminated, but tend to accumulate in the system and eventually produce sx of poisoning.
Narcan. Where one drug negates the effects of another.
Side effects
Secondary, usually adverse effect. Predictable and unavoidable, desirable or undesirable.
Adverse Effects
A harmful, undesired reaction or effect resulting from a medication or other intervention. Unintended, undesired, unpredictable.
Therapeutic Window
Range of blood levels associated with the desired effect of the drug. When a drug is most likely to be clinically effective.
An unusual individual reaction to a food or drug (unexpected, unusual reaction).
Enhancement of one agent by another so that the combined effect is greater than the sum of the effects of each dose alone.
Decreased responsiveness to a stimulus, especially after repeated administration of a medication.
The quality of being poisonous, esp. the degree of virulence of a toxic microbe or of a poison.
Maintenance dose
The level of dosage of a drug so that it maintains the protection against exacerbation of the condition. After the initial dose.
Maximum dose
The largest quantity of a drug that an adult can safely take within a given period of time.
Lethal Dose
The dose of a chemical or biological preparation that is likely to cause death.
Initial Dose
First dose that we give of a medication. Sometimes called a "Loading Dose."