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obtain proper mar
compare mar to the physicans order
interpret abbreviations correctly
wash hands
gather equipment
calculate dose correctly
verbalize six rights
verbalize and deminstrate 3 safety checks
identify the client by his arm band
explain procedure
select proper sie syringe/needle
sq-25gauge 5/16-5/8 inch needles sites for sub q arms stomanh thighs ventr dorsogluteal and below scapula
id 25 gauge 1/4-5/8 inch sites inner arms upper chest, scapula areas
deltoid 23 gauge 1 inch 90 degree angle
parenteral meds
ID, SQ, IM, IV absorbed more quickly than oral meds.
parts of syringe
tip, barrel, plunger.
hypodermic syringe
2, 2.5, 3 ml syringes
insulin syringe
100 unit calibrated for insulin
tuberculin syringe
calibrated in tenths and hundredths of a ml holds up to 1 ml.
active safety device
the nurse manually pulls guard over needle after injection.
is a glass container usually holds a single dose. size 1- 10 ml or more, most have colored marks around them.
small glass bottle sealed with rubber cap. single to multidose,vial must be pierced w/ a needle. air injected
Intradermal injection
injected into the dermal layer of the skin just beneath the epidermis. only 0.1 to 0.5ml
subcutaneous injection
0.5 to 1 ml
IM injections
absorbed more quickly than subcutaneous b/c of greater blood supply to the muscles.
up to 1 ml
ventrogluteal site
the preferred site for intramuscular injections b/c no large vessels,sealed off by bone contains less fat than buttocks; suitable for age 7 mths and older; side lying more easy
vastus laterals
recommended 7 months and younger
do not use on children under 3 unless they have been walking for at least a year.
deltoid site
not often used for IM injections b/c it is close to the radial nerve and radial artery, in adults- rapid absorption no more than 1 ml can be administered. pinch the muscle can reduce discomfort-90 degree angle.
rectus femoris site
used only occasionally for IM injection; advantage clients can administer themselves easily at home. disadvantage- may cause considerable discomfort.
Z Track technique
less painful
children IM injection
22-25 gauge-5/8 to 1 inch
topical meds
applied to skin or mucous membranes, eye, external ear canal, nose, vagina, rectum. used therapeutically, not absorbed well
absorbed through the skin can be increased if skin is altered such as a laceration, burn, or some other problem.
transdermal patch
applied to trunk lower abdomen, on the side, lower back, or buttocks. should not be applied to cuts, burns, forearms.
otic instillations
have pt remain in side lying position for about 5 minutes, insert cotton loosely for 15-20 minutes
adult ear pull?
up and back
pull child ear under 3?
down and back
nasal med
nasal decongestants are most common used.
to treat ethmoid and spenoid sinuses?
pt lie back with head over edge of pillow, head is tipped backward
to treat maxillary and frontal sinuses?
head tilted back over pillow with head tilted the side. tell pt to breathe through mouth to prevent aspiration into trachea and bronchi. remain in back lying position for at least a minute. avoid blowing nose for several minutes.
vaginal meds
suppositories melt at room temp so they are kept in refrig, lubricate the rounded end and gloved index finger, separate labiaw/ nondominant hand,insert 3-4 inches along posterior wall or as far as it will go, ask pt to remain lying for 5-10 min following insertion
rectal meds
released slow but steady rate, provide higher blood stream levels, left lateral position, upper leg flexed, lub the round end and gloved index finger, encourage client to relax by breathing throught the mouth, insert 4 inches avoid feces, remain in position for 5 minutes, should be retained for 30-40 minutes.
respiratory inhalation
nebulizer deliver most medications through inhaled route, delivers fine spray
produces large droplets for inhalation
droplets suspended in a gas such as oxygen. the smaller the droplets, the further they can be inhaled into the respiratory tract
large volume nebulizer
provide heated or cool mist; long term therapy
ultrasonic nebulizer
provides 100% humidity and can provide particles small enough to be inhaled deeply into the respiratory tract.
meter dose inhaler
handheld nebulizer- med through mouthpiece, mist or fine spray.
an extender may be attached for better results
syringes for irrigations
asepto- plastic or glass with a rubber buld on end;
rubber bulb- irrigate ears
pomery- irrigate ears
piston- deep wound irrigation