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define reference point
an object that appears to stay in place
define motion
an object's change in position over time when compared with a reference point
define speed
the rate at which an object moves
what 2 things does speed depend on?
distance traveled and time taken to travel that distance
give the formula for average speed
Total distance divided by total time
define velocity
the speed of an object in a particular direction
define acceleration
the rate at which velocity changes.
what changes with velocity?
speed or direction
Give the formula for acceleration
final velocity minus starting velocity divided by the time it takes to change velocity
what is positive acceleration?
speeding up
what is negative acceleration?
slowing down
what is centripetal acceleration?
acceleration that occurs in a circular motion
define force
a push or pull
force is expressed with which unit?
define net force
the force that results from combining all the forces exerted on an object
unbalanced forces will lead to what?
a change in motion