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This is a model for measuring effectiveness through four perspectives: the customer perspective, the innovation and learning perspective, the internal business perspective, and the financial perspective.
Balanced Scorecard Approach
three words
Is the extent to which an instrument agrees with the results of other instruments administered at approximately the same time to measure the characteristics.
Concurrent validity
type of validity
Is the range where something is expected to be.
Confidence Interval
usually a percentage
Is an unknown or uncontrolled variable that produces an effect in an experimental setting. A confounding variable is an independent variable that the evaluator didn't somehow recognize or control. It becomes a variable that confounds the experipment.
Confouding Variable
Is a group of participants in an experiment that's equal in all ways to the experimental group, except the group doesn't receive the experiment treatment.
Control Group
Is a measure of the relationship between two or more variables; if one changes, the other is likely to make a corresponding change. Same direction is positive. Opposite direction is negative.
Are the multiple dependent variables in a study with multiple independent variables.
Is the extent to which the assessment can predict or agree with external constructs. Determined b looking at the correlation between the instrument and the criterion measure.
Criterion validity
Is frequently thought of as the "outcome: or treatment variable.
Dependent Variable
Outcome depends on the independent varialb and dovariates.
Is the variable that falls into one of two possible classifications (for example, gender (male or femal)).
Dichotomous Variable