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What kind of disease is this?
What is the causing virus? And, what is it the same as?
RNA Virus.
Same as Influenza and HIV.
What are the symptoms?
Red and water eyes
How many people are affected each year?
Measles remain a leading cause of death in what group despite a safe and effective vaccine for the last 40 years?
How many people died in 2004? That works out to be _____ people/ day and _____ per hour.
454,000; 1200/day, 50/hr
95% of deaths were in countries in less than _____. Deaths usually occur in ________ children. They have a weakened immune system have a lack of vitamin ___. This reduces Measle related deaths by ____%.
$1000/ year; mal-nourished; A; 50%
How is it spread?
Airborne droplets; Direct contact with nasal or throat secretions
Virus will remain active and contagious where and for how long?
Where: Air and surfaces
How Long: ~ 2 hours
What are complications associated with Measles?
Severe diarrhea
Pneumonia- severe respiratory infection; 5-10% of cases
Where does the rash start? How does it fade?
Face and neck and then going downwards; It fades in the same way the rash appeared
What kind of spots are associated with Measles?
Koplik spots - small, whitish specks
Is there an effect with pregnancy?
- No + in mortality
- No + in congenital malformations.
How to best treat Measles?
- nutritional support; 2 doses of vitamin A, 24 hours apart to prevent eye damage
- antibiotics (ear, eye, lung infections)
How much does it cost for a measles vaccine? What is the current worldwide coverage? How long after birth should babies be vaccinated in the developed and non developed countries? Is there a link between the vaccine and autism?
<$1 for drug and the practitioner; 76%; 9 months, 15 months; No
Measles followed on the footsteps of _______ and spreaded through Peru from 1530-1531.
Small pox
People die in big numbers when the disease hits a ____________ population?
In 1851 in Greenland, _____ of ______ contracted measles, but only ___ died.
4200 of 4400; 77
Prior to ______, everyone developed measles. There were ________ cases a year with about ____ deaths.
1963; 3-4M; 450
Between 1980 - 1991, most people affected were under 5 or were old but were vaccinated. This suggests that:
one shot is not enough
There tended to be outbreaks in:
Nevada (in Christian schools)
The biggest outbreak since 1996 was in _____ when a girl returned from Romania with the disease and attended a large gathering.
What are other names associated with Measles?
- Rubeola
- Hard measles
- Red measles
- 9 day measles
- Morbilli