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Who is Osiris?
Egyptian God of the Dead. Brother to Isis, was killed by brother Seth. Parents are Nut and Geb.
Who is Isis?
Eyptian Goddess, gives food and life to the dead. Her son is Horus.
Who is Seth?
Lord of Upper Egypt. He was an asshole and jealous of Osiris. He killed him, and then Isis but him back together.
Who is Nephthys?
Wife of Seth. Her siblings are Osiris, Isis, and Seth. She is considered the Lady of the House.
Who is Re?
Father of all the Egyptian Gods. He is the most powerful one.
Who is Geb?
The Egyptian God that caused earthquakes. Father to Osiris, Isis, Seth, and Nephtrys
Who is Nut?
Egyptian Goddess of the sky. Wife and sister to Geb.
What is the Enuma Elish?
Babylonian Creation myth story. The Gods go to war and create the Earth from their corpses.
Who is Ashnan?
The cereal and grain Goddess of the Mesopotamians.
Who is Ereshkigal?
Mesopotamian Goddess of the Underworld.
Who are the Muses?
The nine daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne. Each one has her own speciality and their music brings happiness to anyone who hears it.
How was Athena born?
Zeus swallowed Metis and Hephaestus swung an axe and hit him the head with it. Athena came out in full armor.
Who is Aphrodite?
She is the Greek Goddess of love and lust. She was born from the Sea.
Who is Hera?
Greek Goddess. She is Zeus's jealous wife and sister.
What happened to the Titans?
They were the Greek Gods that ruled before the Olympians. Cronus is Zeus's father, who was banished.
Who is Artemis?
She is the Greek Goddess of Chastity, virginity, the hunt, and the moon.
What is a "nymph?"
An lovely maiden that lives on Earth. They are everywhere!
Who are the Fates?
Three "gods" that chose what happens to people, and when they die.