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Consists of injecting the agent in the region of a nerve thruck
Nerve block
Consists of the subcutaneous infiltration of a small area of the body with a desensitizing agent.
Local block
What are the two classes of anesthesia?
administered topically to desensitize a small area of the body for a very short period of time.
Topical anesthesia
What is a sling and swath used for?
shoulder injuries
fx humerous
complications include:
trauma to uretha
urethral trauma
creation of false passage
complications of urinary cath
How many sutures sets are on board a ship?
enough to handle any problem for 3 months
What do you look at when you do a dressing change?
amount of drainage
charater of drainage
WND appearence
Joints such as hand, wrist, elbow, knee, ankle, and foot use what type of bandage?
figure of eight
what are complications of venous cut-down?
thromboembolism and phlebitis
injury to associated arteries and nerves
Catheter embolism
When is needle thoracentesis tx indicated?
tension pneumo
Where is the needle thoracentesis placed?
2nd intercostal space
midclavicular line
Where is a chest tube placed
5-6 rib mid axillary line
What is the purpose of an NG tube intubation?
to provide vehicle for specimen collection, feeding, medicating,irrigating, drainage, & relieving distention of the stomach.
What is a complication of NG tubes?
intracranial passage