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Fluids from damaged intracellular spaces inundating extracellular space of tissue.
Injury to a ligament. Can be complete or partial tear of ligaments or when they are torn from their attachment at the bone.
A partial disruption short of complete rupture.
A Fx where the bone is broken in more than two places.
Comminuted Fx
Hairline Fx w/o loss of anatomic configuration.
Nondisplaced Fx
Separation of Fx fragments with loss of anatomic configuration.
Displaced Fx
Bending or angular deformity may result from separation of Fx fragments or from asymmetric impaction of cancellous bone fragments.
Angulated Fx
Bone fragment (usually near joints) pulled off by attached ligaments or tendons.
Avulsion Fx
A disruption of the normal relationship of articular surfaces of two bones that form a joint, in which the bones have completely moved out of their normal positions.
What is R.I.C.E.
Where is the most common sit of Fx of the clavicle?
Middle third
In a clavicle Fx the lateral fragment will be pulled which way?
Inferiorly and medially
What are the complications of extremity Fx
Neurovascular compromise
fat embolism
permanent deformity
loss of function
How can distraction of the leg be managed in a femur Fx?
Hare Traction Splint
Why should you be aware of concurrent knee injury with femur Fx?
Danger of fat embolism and vascular compromise
High cervical lesions above what may cause death from respiratory insufficiency?
Above C-5
What should you check while assessing and managing vertebral Fx?
Gag reflex
Adequacy of ventilations
An increased interstitial pressure within a closed fascial compartment.
Compartment Syndrome
When does necrosis from compartment syndrome become irreversible?
4-6 hrs
What should be expected in any unconscious Pt with a swollen limb?
Compartment syndrome
What is a good treatment for compartment syndrome only if performed within a few hours after onset?
The ligament has mild or minimal strain but there is no laxity. Swelling and ecchymosis in usually minimal
Grade I sprain
Significant, incomplete tear. On physical exam there is laxity but also a convincing end point, beyond which no further opening of the joint occurs.
Grade II sprain
Total failure of the joint. No end point is felt when stress is applied to the ligament during exam. Severe swelling and ecchymosis.
Grade III sprain
What is the most common dislocated joint in the body?
Shoulder dislocation
What % of shoulder dislocations are anterior and what % are posterior?
95% Anterior
5% Posterior
What method is used to reduce a shoulder dislocation?
Water bucket or sand bag method
What analgesic is given to effect reduction?
(Valium & Demerol are alternates)
How is morphine given for reduction?
3-5mg IV w/3-5mg increments q5-15min until relaxed followed by Narcan to reverse opiate effect and add NSAIDs for anti-inflammatory effect.
How will a pt present with posterior hip dislocation?
Hip in position of flexion, adduction and internally rotated
What is caused by a benign protrusion in the synovial lining or joint capsule?
Ganglion Cyst
What is the Dx of a Pt that presents with hip in extension, abduction and externally rotated without shortening?
Anterior hip dislocation
What are the three most common locations for ganglion cysts?
Digital Flexor Sheath
Distal Interphalangeal Joint
A metabolic disorder characterized by abnormally high levels of urate crystals (Uric Acid) in the blood.
Where does gout usually present?
Joint of the great toe
What is the drug of choice to treat gout?
Indomethacin (Indocen)
25-50mg po TID
In Chronic phase of gout, what is given to minimize uric acid deposits in the tissues?
Colchicine (less desired due to ABD cramping)
Diet-eliminate purine rich food
Allopurinol 100mg po qd x1wk
Pain, edema and tenderness of one or more of the costal cartilages. Pain accentuated by coughing and breathing (inspiration)
Bursitis usually occurs in what age group?
Middle Age
What are the clinical findings of bursitis?
-Localized edema secondary to inflammation of the bursal sac
-Irritation, inflammation
-Sudden or gradual Px
-Restricted ROM
What is the most common type of arthritis? (Sx increase w/age)
What is the only way to Dx Chondromalacia Patella?
Arthroscopic exam
An injury to a ligament occurring when a joint is carried through a ROM greater than normal w/o dislocation or Fx