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Use of "Black" tobacco and unfiltered cigarettes causes a 2 or 3 fold increase for what?
Bladder Cancer
What is considered a growth protruding from the cervix that is usually discovered during annual exam?
Breast enlargement and tenderness, N/V, amenorrhea are physical findings of what?
Obesity and hirsutism are physical findings of what?
Ovarian Cystic Dz
Lactation in the absence of nursing is what?
Abnormal tissue development or growth of the cervix at the squamocolumnar junction is what?
Cervical Dysplasia
Physical findings include a classic triad of dysmenorrhea, dysparenuia, and infertility as well as pelvic pain and adenexal mass or tenderness.
Sx include low midline, wave-like cramping pelvic pain, nausea, diarrhea, headache, and flushing
Primary Dysmenorrhea
What are the complications of abortions?
Unusual vaginal bleeding, particularly post-coital, and vaginal D/C are characteristics associated with what?
Cervical Carcinoma
Absence of menstruation by age 14 is called what?
Primary Amenorrhea
Absence of menstruation for more than 3 consecutive months is called what?
Secondary Amenorrhea
This is an uncommon Dz predominantly among menopausal women averaging age 65
Vulvar Carcinoma
Risk factors of this Dz include smoking, early first age of intercourse, MULTIPLE SEX PARTNERS***, non-barrier methods of BC, and HPV infection.
Cervical Carcinoma
What is defined as discrete, nodular tumor within the uterus or cervix?
Uterine Fibroid
Back pain, constipation, and inguinal LAD, umbilical mass with ascites are physical findings of what?
Ovarian Tumors (Advanced Dz)
What can be caused by HERBS & STREET DRUGS**, tumors, medication use such as antidepressants, BP meds, and frequent breast exams
What is the definition of ectopic pregnancy
Extrauterine placement of a fertilized ovum
A triad of Sx combining HTN, edema, and proteinuria
Px w/menstruation in absence of pathological finding beginning 1 to 2 years after menarche is what?
Primary Dysmenorrhea
What is irregular or excessive bleeding during menstruation and between periods?
What are considered permanent choices in family planning?
Tubal Ligation
A neoplasm involving the testis
Testicular cancer
The number one non-skin cancer in men
Prostate cancer
This is usually asymptomatic and discovered only as a result of a screening examination (PAP)
Cervical Dysplasia
Physical findings include a yellow-brown D/C w/loss of the linea alba
What is extremely prevalent in and intermittently effecting 1/3rd of all premenopausal women?
What is considered an appropriate disposition for a newly Dx cervical dysplasia case?
Referral to Dysplasia Clinic
F/U in 3 months
Physical characteristics include nocturia, rectal fullness, decreased urine flow, and rectal mass
Rectal Cancer
What is the Dz for irregular intervals of uterine bleeding, excessive bleeding and duration
HTN is common in what % of pregnant women?
What should be suspected when signs of pregnancy are followed by amenorrhea, irregular vaginal bleeding and adenexal tenderness or mass?
Ectopic pregnancy
What is an engorgement of the internal spermatic veins above the testis?
Complications of this include SEIZURES**, pulmonary edema, renal failure, thromboembolism and eclampsia.
What is the #1 cause of secondary amenorrhea?
Abnormal uterine bleeding and/or postmenopausal bleeding are physical characteristics in 90% of these cases.
Endomentrial Carcinoma
Abnormal products of conception, lack of ova division, and chromosome abnormality are the etiology of what?
Expulsion of all products of conception before the 20th week.
Complete Abortion
What is the operational treatment for primary dysmenorrhea?
Anti-inflammatory drugs
Excessive vomiting during pregnancy severe enough to cause systemic effects
Hyperemesis Gravidarum
A fluid filled sac that develops in the ovary proper. (also referred to as polycystic Dz)
Ovarian Cystic Dz
A growth protruding from the cervix or endocervical canal
Cervical Polyps
What is the most common benign uterine tumor?
Uterine Fibroid
What are the physical findings for early signs of ovarian tumor?
Abdominal fullness
pelvic pain
Physical findings include decreased urine flow, feeling of incomplete voiding, DIR reveals a hard fixed mass
Prostate Cancer
What drug do you avoid in managing dysmenorrhea
Physical findings include Oligomenorrhea or amenorrhea, obesity, and hirsutism
Ovarian Cystic disease
How old are most women who seek treatment for PMS?
30's or 40's
What Navy instruction provides detailed instructions for dealing with sexual assault?
A growth that does not spread by mastases or infiltration of tissue.
Benign Neoplasm
A growth that infiltrates the tissue, metastasizes, and often reoccurs, even after surgical intervention
Malignant neoplasm
Abnormal development of tissue.
A penetration of the basement membrane and infiltration of the stoma and uterine cervix by malignant cells.
Cervical Carcinoma
Found in approximately 4% of all GYN patients.
Cervical Polyps
What is the more common age range of patents with cervical polyps?
What is found in 50% of all vulvar carcinoma cases?